Why Get Your Antique Gun Parts At Sarco, Inc.?


Why Get Your Antique Gun Parts at Sarco, Inc.?

Just take a look at the title of this article for a minute or two. It can be answered so simply with just a single statement. You should get your antique gun parts at Sarco, Inc. simply because they have them!

What better reason could there be for that? Antique gun parts are hard to come by, especially the more esoterics bits, springs, screws, bolts and mounts. Anyone can come up with a stock for an M1903 or an SKS barrel, but what about when you need the little thing? A spring for a magazine? A new clip? A mount for a specific bayonet and rifle platform? How are you going to come up with those things? What if you don’t even know what to look for because you don’t know what you’re missing?

That brings up an entirely new question, which is who can help you when you don’t even know what questions to ask. That’s another reason altogether to work with Sarco, Inc. at SarcoInc.com - because they have the knowledge that others lack. They might even have the knowledge that you lack, but you won’t find out till you ask.

So, for one thing, they have the parts you need. Whether you’re looking for something for the aforementioned M1903, an old 1911, an SKS variant, a Carcano, a Lewis Gun, an old Mauser or an M1 Carbine, they’re going to have what you need - and if they don’t they’ll find it.

But that’s the other thing. Even when you don’t know what questions to ask, they can probe you to find the information they need to connect the dots. Let’s face it, even experienced gunsmiths don’t have a photographic, encyclopedic memory of all of the internals of every firearm or every action ever produced. However, the people at Sarco, Inc. have seen a thing or two and if they don’t know it off the top of their heads, they’ll figure it out.

So what you have are two compelling counts, being that they have a vast collection of resources and also that they have a great wealth of experience to fall back on. The other thing is their dedication to customer satisfaction.

There’s a whole lot of satisfaction that comes for the seller, ironically, when he or she is able to help the client out. That’s why some people go into service based industries in the first place. It’s sort of like when a mechanic fixes up a special car and gets it on the road again. It’s the same way with the people at Sarco, Inc., instead of wheels, with them, it’s an action, a spring, a trigger assembly, a lug bolt, or something else like that. The principle, however, is the same.

They’re committed to customer satisfaction, and when customer satisfaction means going the extra yard to ensure that you find the antique gun parts you need to keep your favorite platform in working order, then that’s what they’re going to do.

Don’t be shy - visit their website at SarcoInc.com or call them up to learn more. You can reach them at 610-250-3960.


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