What is IELTS Test in Real?

The IELTS is actually a foreign-based language testing system that is conducted globally to check the abilities of communication of aspirants in English who are willing to get to foreign countries for study purposes or work. It consists of the prominent English level checking test which is designed to check the corresponding English abilities of candidates.

About 125 countries in world over 1000 locations are conducting IELTS tests. There are limited 48 test dates each year.

In order to go for IELTS, students or worker first need to check the entire format of IELTS which is mandatory to understand for achieving higher bands.


What is the Basic Format?

IELTS test comprises of two modules.

  1. Academic: It’s basically for candidates who are aspiring to get their undergraduates or

Postgraduate degrees from foreign universities and for those seeking professional registration.

  1. General Training: While it’s quite easier than academic and it’s for those who want to

Migrate or work in any of foreign countries which have Basic English requirement for admissions or work permits. . They sometimes wish to get some common courses which are less well known or required.


The test is divided into corresponding parts which are 4 in total. In both academic and general modules the two parts speaking as well as listening are similar, however, the toughest parts writing and comprehension reading is opposite. After getting proper format of test one needs to make proper strategies for accomplishing desired bands in test.

IELTS Timing The time duration of IELTS test is two hours and forty five minutes. The test of listening section consists of forty questions in 4 sections each having 10 questions to do in maximum thirty minutes time plus 10 minute for transfer of answers. In Academic Reading you get 40 questions and you have one hour to complete the task. The toughest is academic writing in which there are two tasks and you have to attend writing segments having short task 1 and other longer task 2 . The final phase of test is checking the speaking abilities of candidates by proposing an examiner. You have to answers the questions asked by examiner in time of his choice probably maximum time is 15 minutes.


Scoring of IELTS

The checking is done in bands which are 1 to 9 bands. These different bands illustrates the various levels of applicants as band 7 = good user, band 8= Very good user, Band 9 = Expert user.

Average Bands of IELTS Mostly students of undergraduates wish to get 5 or 6 bands which are commonly required by foreign universities. However, migrants just need below 5 bands to get visas and world permits though it’s depend on level of work and country for which you are applying.

Higher Bands If anyone wants to get admission in MSc or Ph.D. level degrees he really will need band score of 6.5 or 7 minimum. However some highly renowned universities around the world like Oxford and Cambridge needs band of above 7 if anyone wants admission there. Generally immigration establishment insist for higher bands like 7 or above. So if someone wishes to migrate to his dreamland he needs to get himself proper English knowledge first.

Ways to get higher bands

Check out the best ways to get higher bands as per professional advices at nursing assignment help UK ;

Everyone aims for higher score as they want to achieve their dreams however mostly people do not know their English level. So first you should get guidance from some English experts to know about your English fluency.

Success depends on the way to fulfil the tasks, how you manage time, your writing abilities. If you want higher bands then you should have better English communication skills which are basic foundation for IELTS test.

At first you should make yourself able to get to know about rules of language, various English words, finding right answers of questions, critical analyzing skills, argumentation and communicating with confidence- then you can think of giving test after knowing the pattern of test.

You will need intensive study and time to get you prepared for next levels of English learning. First try to make some schedules for preparation so that you can give time to each part properly.

I am going to mention the most followed steps to obtain higher scores in test:

  1. Do not waste your time on tips or shortcuts. You do not have enough time to rely on these tactics.
  2. Let get it started soon, be unswerving, and scrutinize your advancement regularly.
  3. Use model language rules in an organized means.
  4. Everyday do lots of Practice using your books for each part and take some material from the internet as well.
  5. Every time speak English or write some articles to make yours speaking and writing best.
  6. You will need rich vocabulary. This won’t happen overnight. You should learns 10 new words daily in order to get academic words.
  7. Make habit of reading documents particular in field of your interest although you can study different comic books, tales only to enhance your reading skills.
  8. Make a routine of watching News channels especially foreign news channels and watch the films, seasons with English subtitles to get better in English.
  9. You can only be fluent in speaking by speaking about yourself or sometimes speak with others about your preferences, routine life.
  10. It will take time hence when you will get proper English skills and knowledge; try to participate in any IELTS institution.
  11. Take your first attempt, however, before giving exams for first time make it sure about your English grip by taking some mock tests or contacting with English expert.

It’s not predictable that you will get your score on first attempt. If you are not successful in your first attempt then try again. Practice makes a man perfect. Keep on working more efficiently and again to be more confident you should go for mock tests which are conducted by different institutions and online tutors.

After giving your test, you will receive your results in two weeks. One thing to keep in mind is the validity of IELTS test is only two years.


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