Jessica Ennis-Hill - Training For Life


Jessica Ennis-Hill - Training For Life

Some very exciting news on the BBC news this morning that British Olympian and national treasure Jessica Ennis-Hill has launched a fitness app called Jennis which focuses on short efforts of fitness training drawn for her experience of training for multi events. (Necessary when life, especially having small children seems to be ever more busy).


There is a section for general fitness training pitched at three different intensity levels and also a section for both pregnant ladies and ladies post natal. Again, Jessica wishes to share some of the expertise she benefited from while having children and still maintaining a rigorous training schedule. This is not likely to be most of us but it is great news that women have a trustworthy resource to explore as their body changes through the various trimesters of pregnancy and after birth to maintain and reclaim lost elements of their fitness.

Exciting times! An affordable monthly subscription provides a rolling programmes of exercises including cardiovascular bouts, yoga, pilates and conditioning along with lots of other interesting information on health and wellbeing.

Restoring Balance thoroughly recommends this app for busy people who want to improve their health, fitness and knowledge.

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