Trending Google Youtube Videos


Trending Google Youtube videos

YouTube is a platform which is used by millions of people for watching, sharing and uploading videos on an array of subjects. Uploading videos on YouTube is very easy and it takes only a few minutes for uploading videos YouTube. By using YouTube the user can not only entertain oneself and others but can also educate others by making educative videos. Desi actors which make video in the top search results on YouTube is the high number of likes and views to a video. If the video has low number of likes, then there is a possibility that such video would be found in the last page of the search.

Increasing views to a YouTube video

There are many methods by using which a you tuber can increase the views to a YouTube video. For increasing views to YouTube video the content of the video must be really good and the you tuber should upload videos consistently because consistency of video upload is the only method by using which the you tuber remains in touch with its audience. Another method of increasing views to a you tube video is thumbnail. The thumbnails of the video should be such that it grab the eyes of people. If the subject matter of you tube channel is such that people associate with it, then out of such connection, people will surely give likes and views to the channel and videos. If the you tuber has a loyal base of people who frequently watch the videos uploaded by the user, then the user will automatically get likes and shares but if the you tuber is an individual who has just started the channel then for such individual likes, views and subscription is very important.

Real website traffic

In real life traffic jam clogs everything. But when it comes to website traffic entirely different meaning comes in mind. Website traffic indicates the huge number of people who are visiting a website at a given point of time. Website traffic is equivalent to money. Various kind of websites keep on trying to make attempts for consistent and continuous traffic to the website. Traffic to website is very important because traffic is the only fuel upon which website operate. Though there are only a few sites on which one can find huge levels of website traffic.

Importance of organic traffic

There are various kind of website traffic but the most important kind of website traffic is organic traffic. Organic traffic refers to the traffic which generates when an individual do not know the URL of the website and after searching about its URL and finally after the URL has been found by the individual, the individual go to the website and open its web pages. Without organic traffic the content of website cannot be promoted and even sold. At the time of counting traffic only organic traffic is counted as the genuine traffic to the website. There are many methods and strategies by using which an individual can increase the level of organic traffic. There are methods which are completely free for promoting organic traffic to a website. Most of the free methods for increasing the rate of organic traffic take some time because there are many steps which the technician has to take for getting organic traffic. There are also people who sell organic traffic through websites.


Buy youtube views

The option that remains with small you tuber is that of buying you tube views. A you tuber can even buy likes and subscription to a video. If the user choose this method then the user can not only get instant views and likes but can change the prospect of the videos uploaded by the user. The user can also buy likes and views to a video and by doing so the user is able to get a hike in likes as well as share. The user c buy you tube views through Google in the form of Google adwards.

Buying real human website traffic

India is a country which has millions of users. Almost every leading website have Indian consumers on the first and second rank. Google AdWords, linkedin ads, Facebook ads, web traffic brokers etc. are the reading race by using with and individual can buy real human website traffic. most of the mediums listed here are easy to use and to give high returns in the form of increased human website traffic. But at the time of choosing any of the medium an individual must keep one thing in mind that the mediums listed here are different on the basis of business to business and business to consumer basis. At the time of selecting any medium the individual must consider the basis on which human website traffic need to be bought.


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