Reversible Concrete Mixer


Reversible Concrete Mixer

We are leading Manufacturer and supplier of Mini Batching plant known as Reversible Concrete Mixer. Reversible concrete mixer used in construction industries, Ceramic industries, Agro industries, Chemical industries etc. to mix different ingredient in accurate proportion. This mixer is fabricated from heavy duty structure steel. This mixer is use for mass concreting works.

When drum is rotate in forward direction, push the hand liver valve to charge the material into the drum at the same time push the auto water push button in the panel, the water charge into the drum as per pre setting. After complete material mixing, stop the drum by push button on the panel and then push the reverse push button on the panel. The drum rotates in the reverse direction, homogeneous mix material discharge from the other end of the drum.

Nilkanth Reversible Concrete Mixers, which reflect Nilkanth's manufacturing culture based on high technology and experience since 1982, provides the following advantages to its users:

- Drum length is 1510 instead of 1250
- Two load cell is used under each bins instead of one. Total 6 instead of 3 load cell.
- Hydraulic cylinder bore is 100 mm instead of 80 mm.
- Chassis if fabricate from heavy duty channel instead of pipe.
- USB facility is included not optional.


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