Care And Cleaning Of A Down Blanket


Care and cleaning of a down blanket

What are you down?

Down is the fine plumage of geese and ducks. In contrast to conventional springs, the fluff springs have a low dead weight and are very soft. The radially arranged branches enclose a lot of air and thus store the body heat. Thanks to its properties, down are thermally insulating despite their lightness. Down is used not only as a filling material for duvets but also for pillows, outdoor clothing or sleeping bags.

Advantages of a down blanket

In terms of building power and thermal insulation, the down ceiling is superior to other types of duvets. The voluminous duvet is characterized by its lightness. Nevertheless, it snuggles up to the body and keeps the body warm. Also, down transport moisture well. That's why down blankets are suitable for people who tend to sweat at night. With good care, down blankets are extremely durable and can last for many years.


Desertification techniques

Hands reach for the down filling, next to it is a down blanket.
An even distribution of the down is maintained by the hardening of the duvet. Warmer down blankets are usually available as cassette blankets. Thanks to the webs, which are incorporated between the two sides of the fabric cover, the down remains in the same place. The bridges have a further heat-insulating effect and prevent the formation of cold bridges.

Heat levels of down blankets

Down blankets are divided into four heat classes. The filling quantity plays a major role here. The higher the heat level of the down duvet, the more heat-insulating it is. A down blanket is divided into four heat classes:
Photo A thin summer down blanket folded.

Heat class 1

This degree corresponds to a summer bed cover. A summer down blanket is very thin and light. Such ceilings have no webs. They are filled with at least 90% goose down and are particularly suitable for warm summer nights.

Heat class 2

Heat class 2 corresponds to a transition bed cover. This type of down blanket is suitable for mild autumn and spring nights. They are for people who like to sleep warmer and do not tend to freeze quickly.

Heat class 3

Ceilings of this heat category are suitable for not too cold winter nights. Many cassette ceilings have a bridge height between 1.5 and 2.5 cm. Ceilings according to such heat classes have average heat storage.

Heat class 4

Ceilings of the fourth heat class correspond to a classic winter duvet. To ensure optimal thermal insulation, the bridge height can vary between 2 and 10 cm. For people who freeze quickly and like it chubby warm, a winter bed blanket is an ideal solution.

Care and cleaning of a down blanket

For the down ceiling to retain its properties to the fullest extent, there are a few points to consider regarding the correct care. Down absorb moisture at night. Therefore, it is important to shake and ventilate the down bed every morning. Fresh air helps to remove the moisture. It is sufficient to wash the ceiling once a year. A dryer, the use of a down detergent and a gentle washing program are indispensable. The sewn-on laundry label provides information about the exact washing cycle, the instructions of which should be followed with each wash cycle.


Quality of down blankets

A down blanket is a blanket with at least 60% down content  Best Jersey Knit Sheets in the filling. High-quality down blankets are filled with at least 95% goose or duck down. When buying a down blanket, you should, therefore, take a look at the quality class. The grades are part of a quality rule that informs the consumer about the composition of down filling. The filling of Class I down blanket consists of 95% to 100% new, unused down of geese or ducks. Fillings of the underlying classes consist of a mixture of down, feathers or other, usually non-specific elements. Often the plumage of the lower classes comes from land poultry, such as chickens.


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