Healthcare Reform - No Money To Fund But Money To Fight


Healthcare Reform - No Money to Fund But Money to Fight

In the news recently there has been a lot of discussion about states not having the ability to fund the new healthcare reform bill. However, what is interesting is they say they do not have the reflection medical spa to fund the bill, but it appears that they do have the money to fight the bill. What would happen if they took the money that they are using to fight the bill, to help fund the bill. As an American citizen, I am offended that the bill is not even being given a chance. This is a bill for the American people. Sure there will probably need to be some changes as time goes on and we put the bill into practice. But we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

Finally something is being done that is right for America and the American people and some of our elected officials are fighting it and have been fighting it from the beginning. They should fight as hard for us as they for the corporate America. Right now I have a niece who can use a few more years on her parents insurance because in this economy she cannot find a job. And if not for healthcare reform, she is another patient in the emergency room if something happens. I have self employed relatives with preexisting conditions who can not afford to pay the high premiums that come along with no group coverage. I have family who have never paid healthcare premiums or deductibles on the jobs who started paying them this year. This year, when financial times are harder than they have been in some of our lifetime. Our politicians find the money to fund wars, catastrophes in other countries, and a whole lot more, but when it comes to doing something that is positive for the American people, there is not money, they cannot afford to fund it. Just like you find the money for all of the other things, find money for this.

Do not make this decision without me. Ask me what I think as a voter. If your state is one of the states fighting the healthcare reform bill, write your governors, attorney general, senator and congressman and ask them to ask you what you think. Ask them to spend the money for the people of their state to decide rather their state should be in or out of the healthcare reform bill. This is too important to leave in their hands. Lets face it, some of them helped create this problem. Can you really expect them to solve it with your best interest in mind.

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