Top FAQs You May Want To Know About Partner Visa To Australia


Top FAQs You May Want to Know about Partner Visa to Australia


Partner Visa

Australia is a center of attraction for migrants because of its well-developed structure and promising lifestyle. Various types of visas invite individuals to migrate Australia. One of the most attractive visa plans is the partner visa. There are a few rules set for the visa that one needs to follow. Here are some top FAQs for partner visa to learn about.

Am I eligible to get a partner visa to Australia?

Australia allows married couples to settle in the country. Moreover, a de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident can apply to the visa. The same sex partner or interdependent can eligible for the visa. The visa duration should be of at least 2 years.

What type of Visa can I apply- onshore or offshore?

Applicants of Australia can apply for onshore whereas applicants outside Australia can apply for an offshore. If you are confused about it, you may take help from a leading migration agency to understand the difference between them.

How much time does it take to process the partner visa?

The process time varies depending on the type of partner visa you are applying for. While applying for Permanent Partner Subclass-801 visas may take 19-24 months. The processing time for the Provisional Partner Visas Subclass- 820 can take 20-26 months. Partner Provisional Subclass- 309 and Prospective Marriage Subclass-300 may take around 14-17 months.

Can I sponsor more than one partner at a time?

No, you are not allowed to sponsor more than one partner at a time. Further, you are not supposed to sponsor another partner in a year or two. The second partner can sponsor after 5 years since your last sponsorship.

Does the age gap matter while applying for a partner visa

 No, it doesn’t matter. Your commitment in relationship matters a lot. You will have to show how genuine you are.

Is my visa processed fast if I am married?

The essence of partner visa is to show the evidence of how genuine you are. Since marriage is one of the most effective ways to show your commitment, the partner visa will process fast.


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