React Native Certification Training Course


React Native Certification Training Course

React Native course is the JavaScript Framework that is used to develop mobile applications for iOS and Android. This React Native tutorial includes all the topics which help to learn TypeScript. These are React Native Introduction, Environment Setup, First App Hello World, State, Flexbox, Height and Width, TextInput, etc.

React Native will allows you to write code in the javascript in a similar way as node.js and build the mobile app natively in iOS without having to learn Objective-C or Swift.

What skills you will learn from React Native Training?

Create new and innovative native applications for mobile
Fundamentals of React Native
Create apps for both iOS and Android
Create smaller reusable components from complex components
Creating the authentications for apps
Make compelling applications using expert-level features of React Native
Build new React Native apps with Expo
Understand the latest Navigation options for new React Native apps
Update your users with cross-platform Push Notifications
Handle your users going offline with Redux Persist
Who can Opt for React Native Course?

This training is designed for Developers and professionals who want to master React to build Native apps will benefit from our React Native training. By getting into this course, you will expand your React and JavaScript knowledge, learn some concepts of functional programming, and prepare to enter the mobile world.

What are the prerequisites to Attend React Native Online Training?

To be able to get into this tutorial, you should be familiar with React and have solid JavaScript knowledge. Even if you do not have previous experience with React, you should be able to follow it. In this tutorial, we will explain some fundamental React concepts. Before learning React Native, you must have the knowledge of OOPs concept and JavaScript.


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