How To Get Alcohol Delivery Directly To Your Door?


How to get alcohol delivery directly to your door?

How to get alcohol delivery directly to your door?

Do you sometimes feel like reaching for a glass of wine on a stressful workday? While this is may not be possible, due to COVID-19 it means more and more people are working remotely and studies suggest that many of them may drink alcohol while working from home. The COVID-19 pandemic increases our work stress all over the country so it's not surprising that some people drink alcohol at work.

If you do your work at your home but you are getting too much stress related to your work and you need one glass of wine but you can’t get out because of this pandemic but you don’t have a worry about that because guys, is here for delivering your online delivery. You will get your order at your door. Let’s start with how to order and how to get alcohol delivery directly to your door. Get in touch with us or learn more about how drinkerrs works.

1) If you want to place your order online then visit drinkerrs

2) Enter your address where you want your order to be delivered. You will redirect to our welcome page.

3) Filter and select required liquor, wine, and beer. Here you just enter your drink in the filter box and select your drink.

4) You can select a quantity of your drink.

5) Click on - Add to cart.

6) If you want to select another item, search item again or filter by brand and select a particular item, select the quantity of that item and add it to the cart.

7) When opening your cart, check-in red color letters later click on “Proceed to check out”, it will display the amount for free delivery and the minimum amount of order required for delivery including delivery charges.

  1. Check total amount, quantity, etc.

9) If you are already a member of drinkerrs then you don’t need to register, you have to just log in and place the order else you need to register with the required details. After fill up all required information to registered and then log in.

10) In the blank text box, inform if you want to note any other information.

11) Fill up payment details.

12) Select delivery and pick up a schedule (Date and time).

13) The last step is to click on place order.

Yup!! And here is the delivery at your doorstep. It will be just 60 minutes and you can enjoy your drink. There are too much easy steps to get delivery of your order at your place and you can enjoy your drinks.



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