The Must Try Disposable Vapes And E-Cigs In 2021


The Must Try Disposable Vapes and E-Cigs in 2021

Disposable vapes are becoming extremely popular among those who wish to give up smoking. If you're planning to switch to vaping, choosing the best disposable e-cig is the first course of action that you have to think about. The disposable e-cigs that are available in the market feature the draw action of cigarettes while offering a wide range of choices in flavors. Today vaping is way more mainstream that has resulted in a myriad of choices in disposable vape pens. However, a vaper must consider everything before making a purchase. You don't want to end up with a disposable vape that delivers low-quality flavors, poor battery life, or lacks proper design. Allow us to help you browse through the best choices in disposable vapes that are currently ruling the market. 

If you're second guessing your decision of choosing disposable vapes over cigarettes then don't let your mind wander. From convenience to comfort, portability, and wide variety of delicious flavor options - one can't overlook disposable vapes. 

Why choose disposable e-cigs? 

Disposable e-cigs are all about portability, small size, and convenience. Vapers don't have to sweat about going through the tedious task of refilling, it comes pre-filled. You can simply get rid of them once you're done with it. Both satisfactory throat hits and delicious choice in flavors are available with disposable vapes. All you have to do is choose the best disposable vape.


Ziip Labs Z Pen -

Ziip Labs presents the Z Pen that is currently the best choice in the market. It's chic, pod-style design is bound to catch your eye. Z Pen offers satisfactory levels of nicotine that will please the heaviest smokers. Ziip Labs has earned its reputation in the vape industry with Ziip Pods and its disposable vapes are of premium quality. The Z Pen features a distinguished appeal with its compact size and portable design. It lacks resemblance with traditional cigarettes and has more of a pod vaping device look. 


It is compatible with salt nicotine and boosts the nicotine strength. This is desirable for smokers for it helps them get the desirable amount of nicotine with a basic vape device. The wide array of options in flavors include Watermelon, Blueberry, Strawberry Milk, Pineapple, Mango, and Pina Colada. The outstanding flavor profile enables vapers to enjoy the vaping session


Breeze Disposable -

You will be amazed by the premium quality of Breeze Vape. The convenient and easy-to-use design makes it an attractive choice. The Breeze Disposable Vape is equipped with a 650mAh, fully-charged battery and guarantees 800 puffs. It is also filled with your choice of e-juice that is infused with salt nicotine (5% strength). 

The Breeze Disposables lack charging ports and buttons to reduce disruption during vaping. Vapers can begin vaping straight out of the box. The draw-fire heating mechanism produces vapor only when you get a throat hit. The ready-to-vape out of the box, Breeze Disposable is one of a kind choice that tops the list with its portability and convenience. 


PUFF Bar -

The no-fuss, sleek Puff Bar disposable vape offers a myriad of exciting options when it comes to flavors. Amidst 17 different vape juice choices, vapers will have a hard time to pick one over the other. Be it Blueberry to Pineapple Lemon, or the desired Orange, Mango, and Guava flavors, you will have endless flavor choices. 

Vapers are guaranteed satisfactory, smooth, and pleasant vaping sessions with the draw-activated PUFF Bar. The PUFF Bar comes ready to use and will be pre-filled with your choice of e-juice(1.3ml of 50mg). Every vape comes with 200+ puffs. PUFF Bar excludes refilling, maintenance, or charging. All one has to do is pull out the disposable vape from the package and get started. The need for carrying out a large, complicated vaping device or pack of cigarettes is finally over. 


Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max -

If you wish to cherish the endless exciting flavors then you can't compromise on the quality of e-Liquid. This won't be an issue with Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max. Vapers are going to enjoy exotic blends of flavors that are filled in the pod-like vape pens. The attractive appeal of the vape pen comes with a large 6.5ml pre-filled tank. It stands out from the rest of the disposable vape pens in the market with 1500+ puffs.

You can choose between disposable vape pens of 3% nicotine strength to 5% (30 - 50mg/ml). This gives smokers the option of trying out their choice of nicotine. The exceptionally large tank and powerful battery life is one of the reasons why Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is considered to be one of the best disposable vapes. You'll go crazy over the classic flavor choices that include Lemon Tart, Strawberry Macaroon, Fruit Mix, Strawberry Ice, Mango Ice, Citrus Ice, Lemon Sherbets, Bubblegum Ice, and Bubblegum Ice. The incredible range of choices from Dinner Lady 


Xtra Disposable -

Though there are never-ending options in the market when it comes to choosing a disposable vape only a handful of them will meet your requirements. Xtra Disposable has the longest-lasting battery life that can be rarely found in most of the options out there. It's bigger battery life accompanied with 1500+ puffs sets it apart. Xtra Disposable also features a large 5ml e-juice capacity that ensures you can go through the day without switching to another one. The ergonomic design of the vape pen makes it easier to use. It also boasts a sleek, cylindrical body and simple mouthpiece for better draws. There is no complicated mechanism involved with the vape pen, you simply take it out of its packaging and begin with the vaping. 

It has a 5% nicotine strength making it perfect for both first time vapers and those who rely on a little extra nicotine hit. There are as many as 19 different flavor options to pick ~from - Orange, Strawberry, Apple, Mint, Cola, Candy, Oz, Mango Lychee, Guava Mint, Banana Strawberry, Honeydew Mint, Mango Tango, Blue Raspberry, Fantasy Love, XoXo, LaLa Land, and Naked Pleasure. 

Needless to say the blend of flavors are widely-loved by all. The delightful fruity concoctions will keep you hooked to Xtra Disposable. 


Supergood Bar -

Another impeccable disposable vape device that has earned its name in the vape industry is VaporDNA's Supergood Bar. It's outstanding quality at an unbelievable price is hard to beat. Supergood Bar features a rounded body, simple design, and magnificent color combination. The inward tapered mouthpiece makes the vaping session more comfortable. The 280mAh battery is good enough to support an entire day's vaping needs with 300puffs. The 1.4ml capacity is suitable for high-strength nicotine salt. The automatic or draw-activated mechanism of the vape pen makes it easier for first time vapers. 

There are 5 extraordinary e-juice flavor choices that one gets with Supergood Bar - Super Mint, Super Lush, Super Mild, Strawberry Milk, and Hokkaido Cheesecake. Superfood Bar disposable vapes are known for its marvellous concoction of flavors. In comparison to the other disposable vape devices available in the market, Supergood Bar ensures you get a satisfactory hit and get a taste of your favourite e-juice


Zaero Disposables -

Another worthy choice for disposable e-cigarette available in the market is Zaero Disposables. It showcases outstanding performance, a great range of options in nicotine flavors, and a compact design for better vaping experience. Zaero Disposables has left behind the traditional cylinder like look and opted for a more sleek, rectangular shape keeping portability in mind. The curved mouthpiece section on the top is for easier vaping and the icons on the bottom indicate the flavor present within. 

Vapers can choose from a wide range of choices when it comes to nicotine strength (0, 18, 30, and 50) mg/ml. The options are suitable for those trying out vape for the first time and those who are used to it. You'll be amazed by the exciting flavor combinations that are available. This includes Peach Mango, Blueberry Lemonade, Sweet Orange, Menthol, and Tobacco. 


Posh Plus -

Posh Plus presents vapers with 10 flavor options that are packed into disposable vape pens. The portable design ensures convenience. It delivers high nicotine strength that will prove to be a great option for first time vapers. The in-built 450mAh battery along with powerful nicotine strength (60mg/ml) will enable you to vape all day long without the slightest worry. Every Posh Plus guarantees 500 puffs. Keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of the users, Posh Plus involves no complicated mechanisms. It is ready for vaping straight out of the box. 

From Frosted Apple to Frozen Strawberry, Creme Brulee, Cali Peach, Mint Ice, Minty Berry Pina Colada, OMG Tropica, and Minty Melon delightfully delectable flavor options don't end.  The disposable vape has an e-juice capacity of 2ml that will meet your entire day's vaping needs. 


Mr. Vapor Bar -

One of the leading disposable vapes available in the market is Mr. Vapor Bar. It has a classic appeal that showcases a bar style design that ensures portability and discretion at the same time. Mr. Vapor Bar has a 1.3ml e-juice capacity which offers 280 puffs. The flavored e-juice is infused with 5% salt nicotine. To produce dense clouds and flavorful vape, it functions on a draw-fire mechanism. 

Mr. Vapor Bar is all about a combination of premium quality compact design, mind-blowing flavor options, and simple mechanism makes Mr. Vapor Bar a desirable option. 

V-Stick Plus -

Though last on our list of best disposable vapes in 2021, V-Stick Plus exhibits a bunch of impressive features. It has a perfect design that is compatible enough to carry around. V-Stick Plus is equipped with an e-juice capacity of 2.2ml and has a concentration of 5% salt nicotine. 

It can produce up to 500 puffs which is enough to last an entire day. V-Stick Plus works on a draw-fire mechanism that is capable of producing dense clouds and intense flavor. 

Choose a disposable vape pen that is best suited for your needs. Consider the battery life, puff capacity, nicotine concentration, availability of desired e-juice, portability and design while you make a decision.


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