Know More About Aluminium Composite Panel Or ACP Sheet


Know More About Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP Sheet

Aluminium composite panel is popularly known as ACP. It is made up of aluminium composite material(ACM), which contains two thinly coated aluminium sheets. Being comprised of two distinct materials that is metals and non-metal, as aluminium is a metal and polyethylene plastic is a nonmetal, it overcomes the limitations and the drawbacks of the original material.

As these Aluminium Composite Panels have ample advantages, it is widely used at several places like in outdoor occasions and outdoor ones.

The outdoor occasions usually include cladding, partition, and building exterior walls besides being used as curtain wall panels and in the renovation of old buildings.

The indoor occasions may include ceiling decoration, dust prevention, purification, advertising signs display stands, to name a few

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Let us talk about ACP Sheet:

ACP Panel is a new age material that is used for building exteriors, interior applications as well as for signage boards. ACP sheets can be availed in wide range of colors and finishes such as wood, stone, sand, 3D etc. ACP allows more design liberty as it is highly reliable in terms of its life span and it can be easily bent or folded and get into shapes which the designers can’t achieve by any other material. This is a major reason many architects prefer these ACP Sheets for designs choose them during any construction project.

Why Choose ACP Sheet?

No material is as flexible as the ACP Sheets. Moreover, it is a modern age material that comes up with lots of practical and technical advantages over traditional materials.

  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s delightfully flexible
  • It’s easy to work with
  • It’s easy to install
  • It can be installed real fast
  • It’s durable & easy to maintain
  • It’s cost-effective and
  • It offers a wider variety of colors and textures.

ACP Sheet Price:

Want to have a dynamic look for your building? Come to your own Virgo Group, we have designed ACP sheets as per your needs and demands with very affordable ACP sheet price in India. That means you will be investing in ACP sheet once, but you will be witnessing their lasting impact for years. ACP cladding in India by the best aluminium composite panel manufacturers livens up a building by augmenting its style quotient. However, most people compromise with the ACP sheets quality due to the high price. But, no worries, we understand your feelings and value them at the same time. Therefore, we have brought to you the best quality and colorful sheet range with wallet-friendly ACP sheet price per sqft.


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