Importance Of MEAN Stack For Web Application Development


Importance of MEAN Stack For Web Application Development

What is MEAN?


The term MEAN is an acronym for Express.js, MongoDB, Angular.js, and Node.js. It is a combination of user-friendly full-stack JavaScript frameworks that are capable of building dynamic applications and websites also.


Key point is that it’s an open-source stack for developers for a swift and well organized method that builds many prototypes of MEAN-based web applications and websites also.


One of the big advantages that MEAN stack supports javascript. JavaScript is a single language that runs on every platform of the application.


This helps in a better comfort to make the approach towards web & app development more efficient and modern.



Why Learn MEAN Stack?


Nowadays, JavaScript plays a key role for web development.Being the single language that compiles the entire MEAN stack source code, it very boasts the communities of active developers.


 MEAN stack coding is written in JavaScript , it facilitates a unique execution runtime environment for both server-side and client-side.


Nowadays, organisations moving towards MEAN stack development and also demand for it has increased due to its versatility of building a web & mobile application that is robust, fast, and maintainable and easy to code.


Components of MEAN Stack




MongoDB refers to a document database which is used by the backend team for the backend database to store the data as JavaScript Object Notation JSON documents.It plays the role of MongoDB in MEAN which stores the application’s data. For both the database and application use JavaScript for the translation when the data collects from application to database or the other way around.




Express.JS is a  framework which is used for backend web applications that have also been considered as a lightweight server. Which supports the development process by making support of Node.JS and help the APIs while developing the required web applications. Express.JS is further combined with Node.JS as the growth process gets more effortless.




Angular Javascript is one of the most powerful and trending web frameworks which is mostly used today. We can also say that it is a default front-end framework nowadays. It is looking and maintained by Google. In MEAN Stack, AngularJS server is used to develop single-page and dynamic web applications. AngularJS is an ideal front-end framework which provides easy to use templates and higher performance.




It is an open source environment which is used for most stable server-side web applications. NodeJS provides a runtime environment built for creating server-side javascript  web applications. NOde JS framework offers an environment with so many loaded libraries of a variety of JavaScript to clarify web development methods which is the best way to provide web application java scripts an improved integration with the webserver.


Reasons For Selecting MEAN.JS  

Basically MEAN stack is perfect for building all types of applications, from simple dynamic single-page applications to complex application and social media application also.


For example, it can be used in different types of apps:


  1. Enterprise apps.
  2. Complimentary business apps.
  3. Web apps using big data.
  4. Multimedia streaming apps.
  5. Real-time applications.

For now it is very difficult to advise which companies use the MEAN.JS stack in its entirety, Node.js has gained wide adoption among top-tier companies including PayPal, LinkedIn, Netflix, Walmart, and Uber.


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MEAN Stack is a combination of user-friendly, full-stack JavaScript frameworks that are capable of building dynamic websites and web applications. Here’s everything you need to know about MEAN Stack application development. 


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