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UBET is originally a betting shop for racing. But in 2014, the gambling company decided to significantly expand its offer. Since then, you can start gambling on various sports, including football. In our test, we are very curious to learn about this new player in the market. That's why we're taking a closer look at UBET.

What do you want to bet on?

The bookmaker U-bet Sports only participates in football betting for a relatively short time. However, the offer is already quite extensive. You can bet your money on a Champions League or Europa League match. But you can also choose a national competition. In UBET, it doesn't matter if you want to compete with Belgian, Spanish, German, or Brazilian competitors. All major Leagues are represented here. This list has been supplemented by a number of smaller players, such as Greece, Indonesia and Jamaica.

Have you ever found a match? Then it's time to decide exactly what you want to bet on. Of course, you can bet on the final score. But there are other possibilities. For example, you can place a bet on:

The first or last team to score a goal
Number of goals in the second half
Which team gets the first corner kick
The number of cards distributed during the game
At what minute does the first goal fall?
This extensive offer makes Eurotiercé interesting for any football fan.

Live bets in UBET

Many bookmakers have the opportunity to bet on football live. The same applies to UBET. When you select a race, you will immediately see the statistics. For example, you can see how many balls each team had and how many shots were aimed. This information is constantly updated, so you can see exactly how the game is going.

With these live bets, you have several options. Who will be the winner? Which team will score the next goal? Are there more or less 2.5 goals? It all depends on you.

Betting on multiple games at the same time

UBET has developed an interesting system to make football betting even more exciting. On the "rasters" tab, you will find several lists containing several football matches. From all these games, you have to predict which team will win. In the mini-grids, you must correctly predict five games. In super networks and eurosets, it's even eight or ten games.

Since it is difficult to predict all these matches correctly, the winning amount is very high. Mini-grids can already deliver you 130 euros, while the bid is only 1 euro. The prize pool in the euro network is still € 470, -. And you decide to try your luck with super networks for €1? Then you can just win $ 670. So it's definitely worth trying out these grids.

Get up to € 100 - to play for free
New customers can benefit from a 100% deposit bonus at UBET. This is a maximum of 100 euros, -. In this regard, there are many bookmakers that offer higher deposit bonuses. To qualify for the bonus, you must meet a number of requirements. For example, the first deposit must be at least 15 euros. In addition, you must also play the bonus amount six times within 60 days. So think ahead and see if you can meet these conditions. In this way, you will avoid many disappointments.


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