ISO 20000 - A Tool For IT Industry Development


ISO 20000 - A Tool for IT Industry Development

Currently, a growing number of IT service providers fall under ISO 20000 certification in order to provide proof of their conformity and maintain it as a benchmark for their customers' quality. As usual in the provision of IT services.

The reason can be seen in the increasing importance of using information technology to support business processes and transactions across multiple companies. IT departments no longer occupy the sole position in the provision of IT services on a set, but the relationship between functional departments and IT is regarded as customer/supplier relationships depending on market and competitive processes.

As a result, both IT departments and increasingly IT providers must operate cost-effective and cost-effective. IT service management, for example, planning, managing and controlling the provision of IT services, and is therefore intended to generate key goals and strategies from industrial production, a fact known under the slogan “IT industry development”.

Objectives of ISO 20000 Certification

For many companies, success cannot be achieved without high quality IT services to support business processes. With high competition and cost-cutting costs the conflict between the "IT quality" and "IT costs" targets is actually getting a lot of attention. Consequently, known principles and techniques from industrial production are used to achieve the goals of quality and cost.

It an important driver of industrial IT is Standardization. In the field of hardware and software and software implementation of a comprehensive system has already been practiced over the last decades. Now, significant quality and cost adjustments are expected from the high level of service and IT performance.

The ISO 20000 standard follows the need to transfer standard positioning as the basis for industrial production in the provision of IT services. By implementing a systematic and systematic set of metering requirements, requirements and expectations for customers in relation to the quality and cost of IT services must be met. The main components according to ISO 20000 are:

  • Standardization
  • Customer focus
  • Process orientation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Alignment to well-known approaches

Impacts of ISO 20000 Certification

The ISO 20000 Certification process has different internal and external consequences. Obtaining a ISO 20000 certification of senior management can be a clear goal of clarifying the process of complex change. For concerned professionals, the purpose of the ISO 20000 certification serves as a symbol, inspiration and reinforcement by highlighting the certification accomplishment at the end of the conversion process. Following the certification strengthens the processes for continuing to improve the IT services of the organization.

The ISO 20000 certification serves as a symbol of an independent organization providing consumers with proof that all approved standards and requirements are being met. It can be used as a benchmark to enhance the competitiveness of an IT service provider if consumers are inclined to choose IT providers based on their compatibility. The certification of ISO 20000 can be used to market IT services since it is evidence of compliance with accepted standards of trust.

In Global Market many tool for readymade ISO 20000 documents are available to the systematic documentation process and certification can save a lot of your precious time and comply with all ISO 20000-1:2018 requirements.


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