Everything You Should Learn About PR For Canada


Everything You Should Learn about PR for Canada

Canada is a land of opportunities. The country is the neighbor of America. It is continuously progressing. Every year, thousands of people apply for a PR or Permanent Resident program to Canada that allows immigrants to stay and work in Canada freely. In this article, we will discuss lots of things associated with PR in Canada. 

What is a Canadian permanent resident?

A permanent resident is someone who has permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada. They are not a Canadian citizen but have the right to work and stay in Canada as normal Canadian citizens. In the PR list, students and others who have temporary visas are not counted.

What are the benefits of PR?

As a permanent resident, you have several kinds of rights-


  • Capable of getting social benefits like Canadian citizens such as health coverage
  • Allow to live, stay, and work in Canada
  • Get protection under Canadian law and other Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

You pay taxes and have to respect the Canadian laws at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels. 

  What are the things not allowed to permanent residents?

A permanent resident has no voting rights. They cannot run a political office. They are not allowed to do the job that requires a high-level security clearance. 

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How to obtain a Canadian Permanent Resident?

At first, candidates need to contact the nearest high commission, consulate, or an embassy to Canada to initiate the PR process. The basic level of PR visa requires a medical certificate, criminal record check, and application fees. The application should be filled carefully. It is essential to attend interviews with immigration representatives. 

Depending on the nature and the category of your application, you may require educational degrees, personal identification documents, sponsor letters, sufficient funds, skill assessment tests, proof of refugee status, language test and multiple other things. 

Who can apply for PR Status?

Anyone can apply for a PR visa, but qualified ones can able to obtain the visa. Canadian authority will examine the age, level of education, language proficiency, and Canadian work experience before issuing the PR visa. 

What are the ways to obtain Canadian Permanent Residents?

There are five prime categories to apply for PR. These categories are Express Entry, Business Immigration, Family Class Immigration, Canadian Experience Class, and Provincial Nominee Programs. 

What is a Permanent Resident Card?

The card is issued for 5 years or a year. It is valid until it expires. The Canadian authority sends the PR card to those who are living and working in Canada. If the card has any mistake, you can request to reissue it. 

Overall, the process of getting PR to Canada is complex and time-consuming. That is why taking an expert’s help is essential. You can contact a Canada immigration consultant in your area. Such agencies deal with various types of issues related to PR. They have a team of experts who can guide the type of PR you should apply considering your eligibility and requirements. Contact a reliable Canada immigration agency. 



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