The FIFA Franchise Has Sold More Than 325 Million Units Over Its Lifetime


The FIFA franchise has sold more than 325 million units over its lifetime


The publishing claims this FUT Coins extends the internet game's reach to possibly 80 million players round the new territories.Finally, EA said it's six cellular FIFA titles in development, ranging from simulation into"unique arcade formats offering new strategies to play for everyone."

The FIFA franchise has sold more than 325 million units over its lifetime, with player count for FIFA 21 already monitoring before the record-breaking FIFA 20.

EA extends UEFA permit, with multiple FIFA cellular games in the works.Electronic Arts has announced a multiyear UEFA license expansion, preserving its exclusivity deal for your FIFA franchise. An interestingly timed announcement, provided that Google has lately shifted leadership with Stadia, announcing that it was closing its internal development studios.

EA also announced additional FIFA jobs, including the development of multiple mobile titles -- six names are currently in the works, which range from authentic simulation to unique arcade formats.Additionally, EA announced the growth of PC free-to-play name FIFA Online 4 to 15 extra markets. The game will be available for the first time in Russia, Poland, Turkey, and more.

"Our vision is to create the most authentic, societal and connected soccer experience by bringing our matches into more devices, more nations and more fans around the world," said DJ Jackson, VP, EA SPORTS Brand. "EA SPORTS continues to rapidly transform how fans have game, evolving soccer from a passive and educated encounter to an interactive one, available at any given time. This is actually the world's game, and EA SPORTS is doing Buy FIFA Coins everything we can to further connect athletes, players, leagues and clubs and grow the love of soccer, internationally."


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