7 Useful Tips For Improving Your Mental Focus


7 Useful Tips for Improving Your Mental Focus

The world is more connected than ever, thanks to technology and advancements. But with this connectivity comes distractions that can affect your ability to focus on a particular job. The constant bombardment of information keeps our brains alert all the time making it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. 

A study from Microsoft in the year 2015 stated that the average attention span of humans is 8 seconds and it is getting lesser with the ever-present digital connectivity. But, the good news is that you can enhance your focus and attention span with a few tips and tricks. 

To know more, keep reading our 7 tips for improving mental focus and increase your productivity. 

  • Minimize Distractions

As already discussed, distractions are a big hindrance to your ability to focus. Apart from technology, distractions can appear in the form of music playing outside the window, an interrupting coworker or a busy environment. 

The strategy you can apply to avoid or minimize such distractions is to find a quiet, calm place where you can work in peace. If you are bothered by a coworker now and then, you can set aside a certain time when you can request all to leave you alone so that you can concentrate on your work. Remember, you have to set your priorities straight. 

  • Take Time Off

Getting time off from your work can improve your mood and enhance your ability to focus. Instead of traditional holidays or vacation, you can opt for a yoga retreat that can do wonders to your physical and mental health. 

Daily, you’ll indulge in the practice of yoga, eat healthy food, practice meditation and pranayama, and also interact with like-minded people. The practices not only help you to meet your health goals but allows you to beat stress and focus on your life. You’ll come back refreshed and rejuvenated which will help you to maximize your ability to focus. 

  • Avoid Multitasking

Our busy lives have forced us into multitasking where we are constantly managing different tasks at the same time. No doubt, multitasking can save you time, but juggling several tasks reduces the productivity and the ability to accomplish every task with the proper outcome. 

If you wish to put in your best effort on the task at hand, you need to avoid multitasking. It’ll give you the time and clarity to gather all your resources and ensure that the job is done with better precision and accuracy. 

  • Take Nature Walks

We are part of the natural world which is why getting back to nature always helps us in different ways. Scientific research has proved that spending time amid nature helps boost focus and productivity. Therefore, if you’re spending most of your days sitting inside your office cubicle or home, it’s time to go out and enjoy the natural world. 

You can take walks in the park or even sit outside your porch for a few minutes every day which can bring in a lot of positive effects. This is also the reason why yoga retreats are such a favorite these days, the combination of spiritual activities and a beatific natural location aids in complete relaxation of the mind, body and soul. 

  • Exercise Regularly

Daily workout not only helps you to keep fit and healthy but also results in the release of chemicals within the brain that enhance memory and learning. Even if you can manage 30 minutes of exercise daily, it can boost your cognitive and mental performance. 

It isn’t necessary that you have to indulge in a hardcore workout. You can do anything you like – yoga, aerobics, pilates or a simple jog in the park would also do. The idea is to get your body moving and heart rate up. 

  • Get Sufficient Sleep

A sufficient amount of sleep play’s a crucial role in the cognitive functioning of your brain. According to National Sleep Foundation, 7-9 hours of sleep is required every night to keep your brain in good health. Neurological science has proven that when you sleep, the toxins in your brain are cleared up and you get up feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 

If you lack proper sleep, the brain gradually starts to get foggy and you lose your mental focus. This can also affect your decision-making ability and increase depressive symptoms. A well-rested mind makes it easier for you to focus on the job at hand and come up with innovative solutions to your problems. 

  • Think of the Present

Our monkey mind always drifts from one thought to the other. Either we are thinking about the past, worrying about the future or engaging ourselves in thoughts that don’t allow us to make the most of the present moment. 

Being engaged fully in the present moment is the key to gathering your mental focus and keep your attention sharp. Don’t bother yourself with thoughts of the past or the present since that isn’t going to change anything, but if you focus on the ‘now’, it can certainly help you achieve all that you have longed for and mend the mistakes of the past. So always be mindful of what you need to do now and enjoy the present. 


Getting back your focus takes time. However with practice, patience and these tips for improving your focus you can certainly eliminate the distractions and regain your ability to concentrate. Always remember, life will bring in challenges, it the way you deal with them that makes all the difference. 


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