Installation Of Eco Flushing System Singapore - Eco Toilet Sensor Services | ORISYS Technology


Installation of Eco Flushing System Singapore - Eco Toilet Sensor Services | ORISYS Technology

Eco flushing system is the toilet that feels like a normal toilet, but which uses extremely low flush volumes! With a double rinsing function and a urine bowl in front of the toilet so it saves up to 80% water. EcoFlush used primarily for septic tanks, areas where you need to save on water and environmentally conscious households in the house or apartment.In these areas, potable water is scarce and most home owners have their toilets connected to septic tanks which need to be emptied regularly. The toilet was developed in order for home owners to be able to use the toilet more efficiently, with less water and also save expense and hassle when emptying the septic tank.

The EcoFlush toilet’s unique design separates urine from faeces so you do not need to flush the entire bowl every time you use the loo. It works as a normal toilet and the flush buttons are situated on the cistern as usual.

The chrome plate in the front part of the bowl is a specially designed air trap (it is NOT the flush button!) to prevent smells welling up from the sewerage. This  smell control function is usually performed by the water that is held in the bowl of a conventional toilet. The back part of the Eco Flush also holds water like a normal toilet.



The average person makes about 6 toilet visits per day. Where only one of them is the faeces and five of them is urine. Simply flush the urine requires very little water, and therefore the smartest way to flush is to focus on what is needed and not rinsing the entire bowl with water. Since EcoFlush separates urine, it requires even less water to clean. The little flushing come from the front half of the urine bowl and flows over the edge into the big bowl.

Eco flushing system are becoming a priority in many homes because they offer an easy and immediate way to save water. This is particularly true in regions that have been stricken by drought and face water shortages so serious they’ve led to rationing. At the very least, using an eco flushing system will reduce your water bill, but more importantly, it will help conserve our natural resources.

The installation of the Eco Flush is the same as a traditional toilet and the pipework slopes are the same. The urine is diverted so can be routed to a urine tank. Many eco projects use the Eco Flush to collect the urine in this way and to use as fertilizer. But most people use the Eco Flush as the unique water saving toilet it is. We supply an adapter which connects the urine channel to the main outlet, so you an easily retrofit it the Eco Flush to your 110mm outlet in your bathroom just like any other toilet. Get the Best Eco Flush Toilet Sensor in Singapore at affordable Prices from Orisys Technology.




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