U May Add Some Portals In The Clan Wars One For Every Style


U may add some portals in the clan wars one for every style

U may add some RuneScape gold portals in the clan wars one for every style. Operation Steal: Ur clan have to get some box (for war, it can be some"technology") One participant of every clan had it. With TRADE u can giive the box to another1 of ur clan.The first clan to have the box of his enemy wins

Flags of War: Both clans needs to place the flag and protect it (in every plce of his beginning zone) If some1 of another clan get its that receives the flag needs to reach the portal of his clan (its rate could be decreased to make it harder) Reach itI dont really like this... however... isnt my idea... Both clans will need to drop in some place a thing (again a box I believe ) and the other clan need to locate it.

Prisoners of War (My idea) What clan havent contested again when loses or wins just to have more pleasure. With Prisoners of War one of every clan appears in another side with five less HP and needs to return to his clan... but it's going to be in a prison with guards The clan need to help his MIA before attacks another clan.

If the alternative to the clan owner to give some EXP its authentic each match will give diff sum, and every ppl will find a diff amount too (such as genie's lamps) And (not to help a whole lot the owner) after battle to every clan warrior appears a message (such as genie again) saying what ability u prefer?

Sorry if what I kind is hard to read due to grammar mistakes. My first thought is to lock clan chat. Just the clan proprietor can achieve this, and what happens is that the second the lock clan chat button is clicked, no one else can enter the clan conversation. This is a ways where you could invite your cheap OSRS gold friend's friend into your conversation without permitting everybody in or just one person. The proprietor can also unlock the clan chat.


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