The World’s Greatest 4e Work Boots


The World’s Greatest 4e Work Boots

You can get basically anything at Wal-mart—groceries, video games, a glue-on bacon-scented moustache—anything, except for size 4e Work Boots. How is it easier to find a plastic yodeling pickle, than adequately sized footwear?

That’s why Adrian Coulter started XL Feet. In 2009, he liquidated his retirement account, and used the $8,000 return to start a shoe service catering to the Bigfoot and Wide Width communities. A big man with size 16 feet, Adrian found himself continually frustrated by the lack of selection in retail outlets, so growing XL Feet has been a real labor of love.

When he first began retailing, he catered to mostly the Bigfoot community, but as word spread, he realized that there was a strong demand for 4e Work Boots from those who needed adequately sized footwear to support them through their work day.

If your foot is both big and wide, it can be tough searching for shoes. Retailers will often have at least a few token classics in larger sizes, but rarely carry them at proper widths. Such outings descend quickly into disappointment.

We know that disappointment well, and are here to rectify the situation.

At XL Feet we have one of the largest selections of 4e Work Boots claimed by any retailer, large or small. Our stock includes brands such as Dunham, Drew Shoe, Keen, Carolina, and Avenger. We have insulated boots and composite toe boots, steel toe boots and waterproof boots, 6” boots and 8” boots. Our selection of boots is intended to blow the minds of those Bigfoots who have resigned themselves to subpar shopping trips. There is another way.

XL Feet also has a brick and mortar located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where you can come in and get fitted by one of our specialists. What sets XL Feet above our competition is the accuracy of our fittings, and the personal recommendations that we provide.

Take, for example, the Carolina Men’s 8” Steel Toe Logger Boot. It’s difficult enough to find logger boots in big sizes, and these 4e’s are a windfall. These boots have a well-defined 90 heel, and a steel shank planted in the sole. The briar leather upper is a thing of beauty. They come in sizes 7-13, 14, 15, and 16.

Or the Big Men’s Carolina 6” Steel Toe Work Boots, made right here in this great country by hard-working Americans. The come in sizes up to 18 in both EEEE - 4E wide, and 2E. Shovels are no match for their steel shank, and the steel toe caps keep your boys well protected.

Now that you’ve heard about some of our 4e Work Boots, take a look at the rest of our selection. You’ll recognize, in our products, a commitment to high-caliber footwear and accessories. At XL Feet, we take pride in being the best provider of quality footwear to the wide width, and bigfoot, communities. Our expert staff has more experience in the world of wide width than any competing retailer. In addition to work boots, we sell socks, slippers, running shoes, sandals, slides, and assorted accessories.


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