Games Which Are 10 Hours Or Less Are Ideal


Games which are 10 hours or less are ideal

(FWIW, I think Nintendo is like 30% of the way there with their NES and SNES libraries. If they inserted N64 and Gamecube, and continue fleshing out the collections, and add in some current-gen titles, it would be a fairly competitive support... but that is a very long way off, if they ever get it done...)

Like you mention, I am Animal Crossing Bells also really sick of spending $60 for a 10-15 hour match. And I have a fantastic job and wages and work full-time. It still feels like a lot of.

If a game takes more than that then the chances of me actually completing it crash. I work full time and have a pretty shitty schedule so that I can only just game on the weekends most of the time.

I've also found that devs throw in a great deal of pointless filler crap or they inflate the problem of the game so it takes longer since they know they will face backlash if it's too short. I really hate feeling as if my time is being wasted.

Games which are 10 hours or less are ideal. I'll gladly spend $60 on a 8-10 hour game that's concise and doesn't waste my own time.

There's a few twitter accounts/subreddits you can follow to get updates on PS5 restocks!

You're right though, the change is currently very much a thing that is only good on event. In a ideal world Nintendo would be investing in new party content all items animal crossing new horizons to where they're dropping a new game (or even a interface provided that it's not $60) every couple months but. . That really does not occur.


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