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UAE Conservation - International Fund for Houbara | Houbara Fund

The UAE has had an ambitious program since the 1970s to protect bustards, large birds with long legs and thin necks, synonymous with Arab culture and an integral part of traditional hunting in the Emirates. Socio-economic developments in protected areas in bird sector countries, from Morocco to Mongolia, a senior official told Gulf News on Sunday.

The Ouara Houbara UAE Conservation Program has had a positive impact on the ecosystem [in these countries]. There life easily returns and flora and fauna grow, which helps improve agriculture [in the surrounding area]. It enriches the livelihoods of farmers and agricultural workers, "said Dr. Thani Bin Ahmad Al-Zayudi, UAE Minister of Climate and Environment. The Hubara bustard has been observed in North Africa west of the Nile, particularly in western Sahara around Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

Hawthorn's habitat is a hotspot for recreational hunting, which has increased ecotourism and provided job and business opportunities for local people, he said on the sidelines of an international summit to protect abalone in Abu Dhabi organized by the International Oubara Foundation, United Arab Emirates, organized. Conservation (IFHC).



The UAE-supported Khabara Conservation Program has helped empower women in villages around the Jordan protected area. Conservation projects have encouraged ecotourism and local communities to produce 350 organic produce for tourists and generate money, said Khalid Irani of the Royal Jordanian Society for Nature Conservation.

The UAE Conservation of Hubara is a world leader in the conservation of the Hubara statue. Over the past forty years, global conservation strategies have been developed and implemented to ensure that these species have a sustainable future in the wild through effective and appropriate conservation programs and management plans. international assets and ensure partnerships under the center that promote sustainable conservation practices.




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