Authors: Be An Information Source For The Media


Authors: Be an Information Source for the Media

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Nearly every article or story in the media includes comments and quotes from experts who are qualified to speak on the topic. If you're an author developing a book marketing plan, being quoted in the media on your book's issues is vital. Your book or company name is often cited when you're quoted, and it has publicity value. When the media quotes you, it's a quick way to build credibility in your field and help your book simultaneously. A portfolio of media placements is an impressive addition to your website or resume. It's also universally beneficial no matter what your business or profession.

One of the ways to be quoted by the media is to make yourself readily available. It might sound simple, but it's an easy solution that many people overlook. When one of your media contacts is putting together a story, chances are they are on a deadline. Finding expert sources within their timeframe means a lot. When you can be counted on to reply to calls and emails quickly, you'll significantly improve your chances of being quoted in the story. Knowing the urgency, be respectful of people's time. Answer any questions you are asked and be willing to provide information as requested, but don't artificially prolong the call.

If a media contact gives parameters for your answer to a question, follow the guidelines. For example, if you're asked for a few sentences on a topic, don't reply with a 2,000-word email. Your ability to boil down complex topics into easily understandable sentences makes you a more valuable source. One of the reasons you're being asked for your expertise is to explain complex topics or provide insightful comments. Follow-up questions are always fair game, and if contact needs to know more than you included, they'll ask for more. It's all about being available, helpful, and flexible.

As you consider your comments to the media, keep their readers and viewers in mind. The goal is to be professional, intelligent, and understandable to the average person. You want to say something that makes a point and is also memorable if possible. Your media contact will also have their audience in mind, and when you contribute ideas that advance the story and work well, you'll be included. Building positive and professional relationships with media contacts can pay professional dividends for many years to come. Even if a PR person introduces you, the relationship becomes yours to keep.


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