Simple Weddings –Australia’s Best Wedding Service


Simple weddings –Australia’s best wedding service


Wedding day is the biggest day in the life of bride and groom. We discovered the simple weddings at a very reasonable price. Now enjoy Victoria’s best and the finest marriage registration celebrations and ceremonies.

Plan your wedding in Australia

We are a simple wedding planner in Australia for those who wish to legally register their marriage here. You can call us and let us help you through the process of getting married in Australia. Marriage Registry Office Melbourne has too much experience in providing a beautiful marriage ceremony with all legal requirements. If you are planning your wedding in Melbourne then you need a marriage celebrant Melbourne. Doesn’t matter your ceremony will be formal or casual, it is important that you connect well with your wedding celebrant. We welcome you to the exciting journey of planning a wedding. We love helping couples to make their day special because everyone wants a happy and memorable moments.

Get the spouse visa

Our  Partner Visa Australia will allow the applicant/spouse/partner to be an Australian permanent resident. If you are married to an Australian citizen or have been in a relationship for at least 12 months, you may be eligible for immigration by obtaining a Spouse Visa Australia. You have to fulfil some important requirements.

  • Your relationship with the Australian citizen should be genuine and continuing.
  • You and your spouse live with each other on a permanent basis
  • You and your spouse should have a commitment to shared life as a husband or wife.

You can call us for the easiest, fastest and the affordable ways to immigration in Australia. We better know how to handle the immigration process. You need to fill all the application and complete all the required documentation. We will help you through every part of the process until you get the immigration.






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