Bulk Milk Cooler Manufacturer


Bulk Milk Cooler Manufacturer

Bulk Milk Cooler - there is a machine  which is used to store milk and child milk as long as possible. there are so many different capacity tanks - like 500 litre, 1000 litre and many more.

so we can say its a basic neccessasity of dairy business person. try this once then you will always happy.

  • Latest technology which preserves milk, maintain the freshness and hygiene of milk for a maximum period.
  • More than 5000  Bulk Milk Cooler machine sold around the world    


Choose the right capacity of the bulk milk cooler. If you overload the tank it will definitely increase cooling time and power consumption then it will be a concern if the milk-collecting vehicle does not arrive on time. similarly, in case of a small amount of milk, it may cause Icing and delay in cooling as well.


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