5 Beautiful Poses One Can Enact To Click A Family Portrait


5 Beautiful Poses One Can Enact To Click a Family Portrait


Photographs are a fantastic way to capture our moments. These are the things that we look at and cherish. A Family photo holds a higher place in everybody’s hearts.

Making people of different age groups pose for a picture has never been easy. If you are looking for a couple of poses that could help you make that family album, then this is the article you should pick to read. Try these poses to make your picture look ‘worth the frame.


Simple poses for a photoshoot:

It is easy to get family members to free themselves from the camera’s constant focus. Being interactive with them, complimenting them on their pictures, and reassuring them can get you a long way into clicking striking photographs.

When you ask for a family to pose, they will most likely pose by standing arm to arm and smiling at the lens. Here are a couple of ideas for a Family photoshoot

  1. Mix and match:

Instead of huddling up together in an awkward line, mix and match the group to make the photograph look more appealing. Make the children hug the parent’s leg or be carried in the arms. The couple can look at their children or each other while standing too.


  1. Try candids:

Clicking pictures while the family is busy doing what they usually do brings out beautiful results too. These clicks may treasure the moments naturally. The poses are also more likely to get more appeal from the family too! Ensure that you position them in the right direction of the light, though.


  1. Cuddle-time:

Arm-to-arm pictures may not be the only way the family enjoys posing. Get them to cuddle up for a frame and capture the instant and inevitable smiles of the members.


  1. The vintage look:

If the family looks all dressed up in silk and satin, it is time to get their vintage Family portrait. Seat them around the room in a creative way. Put the tall ones on a chair and keep the shorter ones standing. This will give a sense of balance to the picture. Get traditional and vintage pictures with elegant or minimal lighting based on the preference.


  1. Balloons and décor: If you find the background dull while clicking photographs, it is suggested to brighten up space with some colourful décor. Use things that go well with the idea of family. Balloons are good material that brings out the fun and the colours in the picture.



Family photographs are always cherished among all. You can get incredible photographs clicked by professional photographers from various outlets. There is much such Corporate photography Studio Singapore. Make sure you pick the one you are most comfortable with.


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