Nic Salt Vape Juice


Nic Salt Vape Juice

Everything That You Need To Know About The Latest Product In The Vape Industry


If you like vaping, then it is highly possible that you came across this term 'Salt nic vape juice’ on the internet. This term is making all the rounds now in the vape industry. What exactly is this? Do you get salt with nicotine? These are exactly the questions that we are here to answer. Debunk your theory of actually getting salt with nicotine; it is merely the scientific name of the end product that you get when you mix nicotine with different acids. Nicotine is not mixed with actual kitchen salt. This nicotine salt vape juice lessens the hit once you take the vapor in, and you have actually already been exposed to this nicotine salt. How? Cigarettes contain nicotine salt, and if you have smoked cigarettes before switching to e-cigs, e juices, then you have already had an exposure to it. 


The difference between nicotine salt and freebase nicotine


The only difference between these two is the addition of acids. Nicotine or freebase nicotine is nicotine in its pure form. The nicotine is extracted using specific methods to get it in its pure form without all the impurities that are found in tobacco. Nicotine salt contains benzoic acid and might include some other acids. The addition of acids decreases the alkaline level, thus making it less strong even if the concentration of nicotine is high in it.


On the other hand, freebase, nicotines are free from any acids, which means it has a high pH level, meaning as the nicotine concentration increases, the stronger it gets. Based on your tolerance level, you may choose the nicotine concentration in your 100ml vape ejuice. The highest concentrattion that you can find is 50mg. Nevertheles, vaping nicotine salt ejuice helps you to satisfy your craving for yet another pack of cigarettes.  Purchase a 100ml vape juice to last you for some time. Instead of buying small ejuice packs, opt for a 100ml vape ejuice.


Why should you convert to nicotine salt ejuice vape? 


Smokers have a hard time quitting; many turn to e-cigarettes or e juice to quit smoking. But if you tried this before and have failed in the attempt, then you can try this last attempt to quit smoking that cancer stick finally. Studies have shown that salt nic vape juice performs quite the same way as a cigarette does, which will make it easier for you to quit smoking. Nicotine sales are different from normal or standard vape ejuices. When you vape nicotine salt vape juice, the nicotine gets into your bloodstream quicker than other vape ejuices. Also, nicotine sale ejuice contains a higher level of nicotine than standard ejuice. For a smoker like you, the way the nicotine hits you is important, and nicotine salts make the hit smoother and not harsh. 


Nicotine salts do contain higher levels of nicotine, but they are free from the thousands of chemicals and impurities that come with tobacco. Yes, it contains acids, but these acids are added to reduce its pH level specifically, whereas a stick of cigarettes contains almost 4000 chemicals. Countless studies have shown that 43 chemicals that are used in cigarettes cause cancer. This makes it all the more reason for you to quit smoking and take to vape.


Nicotine salt requires different devices 


The same device that you use for vaping standard e juices will not work with nicotine salt ejuice. You will need to get a different device that is created to be used with nicotine salt. The kind of device that you choose will also depend on the strength of the nicotine salt, whether you are opting for a stronger dose around 50mg or are you looking for a smaller dose like 15 mg. Here is some guide to help you in case you find yourself lost in this arena. 


  • Do you like having lots of flavors? If yes, then you should opt for a high powered device and go for a nicotine salt ejuice that has a nicotine concentration of around 6 to 15mg. Pair up a high powered device with lower nicotine strength. 
  • If you do like having flavors and you want the nicotine to hit your senses, you should opt for higher nicotine strength and then use it with a low powered device. If you want the same feeling that you have after smoking a cigarette, opt for nicotine strength of 25mg or higher. The highest nicotine strength that you will be able to find is 50mg. 


Nicotine salts ejuice tends to be more expensive than standard vape ejuices because of its higher nicotine level. 


Where Can You Buy Nicotine Salt Ejuice?


If you are looking to buy a vape juice, there are hundreds of online vape stores that sell nicotine salts. You can order the nic salt vapes ejuice and get them delivered to your doorstep, although you will have to be of legal age to access these websites online and also be able to order from them. Whenever you are buying vape juice online, make sure that you read everything about the product on the product description page before you hit the buy button. Check for the expiration dates, coupon codes, and exciting deals. Do not always go for the cheaper options because they can contain harmful chemicals. 


How To Store Nicotine Salt Vape Ejuice After You Have Purchased It?


Vape juices come with an expiration date. The nicotine in it expires after 1-2 years. So before you purchase any ejuice, check for the expiry date. Once it arrives, you can store them in a cool, dry place. Make sure you keep the ejuice away from sunlight. The best place to store it would be a dark place in a cupboard or a dreamer but not your refrigerator. Many make the mistake of storing their ejuices in their refrigerators. You are advised not to do that because once the moisture gets inside the ejuice, it will not be of any use.



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