KADO - Hunza Environmental Committee (HEC)


KADO - Hunza Environmental Committee (HEC)

The Hunza Environmental Committee (HEC) was organized in December 1997 as a job of KADO.It is currently a network response into the civic demands of this developing tourist and small business towns in central Hunza hotels, where at the lack of any civic bureau, the dilemma of sound waste disposal has been getting worst fated and also there wasn't any mechanism to arrest the situation and then take care of the problem.

After preliminary funding aid for startup prices by AKF-UK/EU and also NORAD through AKCSP, and mobilization of community resources to create an endowment finance, the project today adopts operations via user-fees and uses resources and collaborates with local associations for awareness raising partnerships, independent of any outside donor service.

HEC executes the earliest and only community-based municipal service in the nation. Its approach to solid waste control is distinctive since it has been used a complex method of joining nearby voluntarism and technical potential of a local NGO together with the social responsibility of the individual sector while keeping close co ordination & linkages using the neighborhood administration/government.

Almost 90 percent of the clients are from the business network; shopkeepers, traders, cottages, resorts , restaurants, barbershops, auto workshops etc.. Other customers include; Institutional/organizational customers like offices, hospitals, Schools, Colleges, financial institutions, Mosques/Community Centers etc. and also a few unique households close to the roadsides are additionally customers. Total amount of people is now approximately 600 and 85 percent of them cover their person fee often.Contact us for more info about this hotel.

The overall waste every day generated in central Hunza was projected to be approximately 3,293 kg. It's projected that HEC handles 50% of this overall waste created in the region and also the remaining 50 percent of this solid waste is dumped in to the oceans, rivers, water courses and in the back-yards posing grave danger to the human and animal wellness.


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