DIY Tips For Your Outboard


DIY Tips For Your Outboard

There are several simple boat facts regarding outboard motors that can make minor repairs easy. When researching information about boats, ensure that you know the make and model of your engine to find accurate information. The best way to keep your engine running great is by regular preventive boat motor maintenance. This common boat fact can keep your motor running well and reliable for years to come.

Flush Out the Engine


Boat owners, if possible, should flush out the engine after every outing, especially if you have been in saltwater. This will help to keep your engine clean and running great. 


A commonly known boat fact to help with flushing out the engine starts with a pair of “rabbit ears.” This is a set of two flexible rubber seals connected with a metal clamp. Slip the apparatus onto the lower unit where the water is picked up and attach a garden hose. Then start up the engine and let the“Pee hole”


The water pump does the rest. Be sure to stay clear of the prop during this process and not try to shift the motor into gear. Don’t walk away while doing this; the flushing attachment could move away from the intake holes and cause many heartaches.


Check the Water Pump


While you’re flushing the motor, check the water pump to make sure it has good water flow. The water coming out of the pump should be solid and warm, but not hot. If the output is weak, check for stuck debris. 


If the production is desirable, shut down the engine to prevent overheating and damage and contact a mechanic to get further information about boat repairs.


Regular Maintenance


Regular maintenance of your outboard motor includes several valuable pieces of information about boats. This may consist of checking the fuel line and fuel primer bulb for cracks and worn spots. 


Make sure the fuel-line fittings fit correctly and don’t leak. Check the clamps on the fuel line and the fuel tanks for rust or corrosion and regularly check for water in the fuel. Any of these problems may require the assistance of a professional mechanic.


Testing Systems


You can run several system tests to be sure you’re ready to take on the waves. You can test the spark, the compression, make sure you have no water in the lower unit and the water pump operation. You can also perform simple warning alarm tests to be sure all systems are in working order.


Using these boat facts and this valuable information about boats will keep your boat in tip-top shape every season. When your boat is not in use, replace the engine cover and wipe the outside down. Always use a canvas or plastic cover to protect your boat while it is in storage.


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