How Do I Cancel My Avianca Flight?


How do I cancel my Avianca flight?

Are you stuck in a situation that is beyond control? But if you have a flight to catch then you can choose to cancel your flight. So, at Avianca airlines, you can easily cancel your flight. But in case you do not know how to cancel your flight then you can follow the steps below.

Steps to Cancel Avianca Airlines! 

  1. Open a web browser and go to the official website of Avianca Airlines. 

  2. Tap on “Manage Travel” option from the top of the page. 

  3. Enter the booking or reservation number and last name in the space and tap “Next”. 

  4. Find the corresponding booking and tap on it to find the “Cancel Reservation” option. 

  5. Read all the terms and refund or cancelled fees if required to pay properly and then tap “Agree”. 

  6. Enter the account details and tap “Confirm”. The changes or cancellation done will be mailed to you over email that you entered at the time of booking. 

Hence, with the help of the above steps, you can choose to cancel your flight without any hassle. And if you are required for any kind of help then you are free to contact Avianca Airlines customer support. But before cancellation, you must refer Avianca Cancellation policy for reference.  


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