How To Buy Bitcoin In India ?


How to Buy Bitcoin in India ?

There are multiple channels to buy and sell BTC including exchanges, instant exchanges, brokers, over-the-counter (OTC) exchanges, and ATMs.  

However, exchanges or crypto trading exchanges are the most popular ones. The exchange acts as the middle-man. They charge a transaction fee for facilitating every transaction. Some will exchange fiat (like AUD or USD) for cryptocurrency, whereas others only exchange between different cryptos.

BTC is traded across all major cryptocurrency trading exchanges around the world. If you are in India, PCEX Member is the best exchange to go with. It has spot, future, and option trading instruments. It accepts INR as fiat currency. You save incredibly on the transaction fees involved as the exchange charges a nominal 0.3%, which is one of the lowest in the industry. 

The exchange maintains high liquidity with its franchise-based model. Its 24 H trading volume stands at 3,51,81,88,338.8 INR, 7 D, 20,70,45,37,643.02 INR and 30 D as 1,08,01,92,49,250.01 INR. It also safeguards the interest of its users with its AI-based fraud detection mechanism.


PCEX Member provides a detailed historical as well as real-time analysis of the price volatility (BTC to INR). The graphical illustration has a variety of tools, such as Bars, Candles, Hollow Candles, Heikin Ashi, Line, Area, and Baseline to make technical analysis easier for you. 

Watch the price changes over a period! You can also dig deeper to know how the market behaved or behaving in the small-time segments - from 1 minute to 1 day. Learn the direction of the price movement. Thorough analysis helps you know the entry and exit point and critical situation when you need to apply for stop-limit order. 

Order Book and Trading Signals are available just below this graph on the same page. You may register with social communities over Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and CoinDCX's telegram channel to stay informed of the signals.

Exchanges are meant for trading only and should not be used as a savings wallet. Ledger, Trezor, Math Wallet, Trust Wallet, and Exodus are some of the popular wallets. 

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