Enjoy The Trip Of A Lifetime - Whale Watching In New South Wales


Enjoy The Trip of a Lifetime - Whale Watching in New South Wales

Want to feel close to the nature? If you are planning a vacation that will take you away from your busy life and give you a chance to feel one with the nature, then go for whale watching in New South Wales. Whale watching is one of the fast growing nature based activities in Australia. Camping in North Coast NSW

Lying on the south-east coast of Australia, North South Wales is a popular tourist hub for sea and beach enthusiasts. Whale watchers from around the world throng this state, from May to November. During these months every year, the Eurobodalla's coastline witnesses the arrival of mystical humpback whales, which migrate from north to south towards the Antarctic Ocean.

Whales migrate towards south from their breeding grounds, so that they can enjoy the increased amount of food in the water in Antarctic Ocean. These giant mammals ride the East Australian Current, which makes it easier for them to swim and conserves their energy. The whales travel as much as 5,000 km during this migration. Fishing in North Coast NSW

Another great opportunity for whale watching in NSW is towards the end of winters, i.e. from October to November, when travelling pods travel through these currents near the coast of Eurobodalla. Watching the young whales frolicking in the water is always a memorable experience.

The greatest advantage of choosing NSW as your whale watching destination is that it is the first place where whales can be spotted both at the start and end of the season. Since it is not the breeding ground, you can see the whales in their prime and in action. They might even put on an impromptu show for you by jumping in and out of the water. You will be able to take pictures and enjoy the fun at a much closer distance, because there are no curbs on the distance that whale watching tours in NSW can travel. North Coast NSW Boating Places

The weather in New South Wales is also quite pleasant during these months and you can enjoy a fun day on the boat with your friends and family. The water is cooler than most other shores in Australia, which makes it comfortable to sit, relax and have an enjoyable day. Sydney, Coffs Harbour, Tweed Heads, Jervis Bay and Byron Bay are the best places to go for whale watching tours in New South Wales.


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