Web Application Development Trends For 2021


Web Application Development Trends For 2021



The web technology is evolving quickly. From web developers’ point of view, they need to stay updated with these updating technologies with ongoing developments and trends. It is one of the very crucial focuses for the success of businesses. 


Closely we can say around 1.74 billion websites performing around the world.Companies are always seen to be competing with each other for the top ranking on the search engine for business success.Need to know why developers and discover should more apply innovative ways for web development as it helps business to grow rather exponentially and globally. 


Today, the world is continuously evolving, and new web technologies are arriving in the market at a frenetic pace. It provides ample opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to engage more users and stay competitive in today's market.


Here are the top 5 website development trends in 2021:


Progressive Web Development


It acts like a native mobile application but it is a website. As per studies, Progressive Web Development has 36% higher conversion rates than any other native applications; here is the only reason we can see them trending going forward. The main objective of Progressive Web Development is to bring a mobile-app alike experience to all users across all devices.


They are user friendly and responsive also. Progressive Web Development transforms the user experience throughout by also having application-like functionality but without having to download it on device. Here are some names in the industry, such as Amazon, Twitter, and Forbes,native and web applications to increase conversions and decrease bounce rates. The origin of progressive web development has made global brands' identities rather much stronger due to their offline way of functionality, swift loading, and page speed also.


So mobile users are increasing day by day because of user friendly accessibility and reliability, this trend definitely will continue to grow throughout 2021.


Dark-Themed UI


Most liked the trend in mobile applications, but now websites are also looking towards it. Night or dark themed user interfaces are much more comfortable and also safer and good for the eyes. Dark theme reduces excessive eye strain and also makes it easier to see the light content by enhancing the visibility and also good for battery backup; By the time when increasing the number of black pixels it needs less device energy. Moreover, it delivered the whole website a unique touch and provided the best user experience.


Nowadays Dark theme is the key trend in the web development market for the year of 2021. Many biggest giants already use this UI-theme like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Android, Apple, YouTube, Reddit, etc., 


AI-Powered Chatbots 


In 2021 ,AI-powered communication will be most demandable. Almost every website will be more focused on implementing AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants programmers for improving customer experience and also handle their Request or query. 


Chatbots may be less usable, but they are helpful and can instantly engage users once they land on any web page. They design for fast responses, which is very helpful for businesses to avoid delays and customer drop off rates.  

Chatbot also provides speech recognition techniques to users and cognitive intelligence are combinedly to make UI-chatbots more reliable than human support staff. Most of the global industries such as eCommerce, travel and tourism, healthcare, etc., are on the stage of UI-bots and they know the importance of chatbots.


Website Security 


According to data, nearly 50,000 websites are breached by hackers every day. This is worrisome, so many companies are converting towards digital platforms to run their secure websites. On the other hand, it stores a lot of sensitive or private information. 2021 is the year where the developers and owners are focusing towards website security.


Having HTTPS secure protocol will be a priority for all website developers and companies. HTTPS protocol provides basic security standards for all websites as it ensures secure communication and prevents any threat from third parties. Any websites which are not protected by HTTPS secure connections are marked by google as unsafe. 


Single-Page Websites 


This trend got a very good response and was greatly seen in the year 2020.So in 2021 it will be fully trendale .


In the old days, building long and extensive web structures was a big issue. For all those people who are using the internet through mobile devices, single page websites are much easier to use. 


Single page websites are very useful for minimizing the page load of a website and making it faster the earlier, which decreases bounce rate for any organisation. Single page websites perform well on both mobile and desktop because of their simplicity of coding. They are cheap to develop and host. Single-page sites help to assist businesses to reach their target audience with less content.


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The web technology is constantly evolving, making it essential for developers to keep pace with the latest developments and technology trends. Here are the top 5 website development trends in 2021.






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