Alteryx Macros: How To Create Macros In Alteryx


Alteryx Macros: How to Create Macros in Alteryx

What is alteryx macros

Macro is a class of tools which are built into a single tool, and which can be inserted into another workflow. For saving the analytic process you perform repeatedly to create a macro. Without having to recreate the analytic process, when we are using each time the macro within the workflow. To use in the designer or uploaded for sharing in alteryx analytics or private gallery, Save a macro as.yxmc file.

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For creating standard macro first open the alteryx designer, then select macros option in configuration pane. Go to the interface option and select macros input, which gives input value either manually or from the file. We can use the macro with other databases, when we have to follow similar operations and steps. To use macros, we may have inserted macros which are saved in the local system. Select the test and insert it into the workflow, after mapping run you will see the desired result. With the help of configuration pane, you can map the fields as per your requirements, then you have final output.

Types of Macros

Standard macro: This kind of macro is created for a package of the process in workflow, as a tool which can be inserted in a workflow.

How to create a standard macro

1. It has two ways for a standard macro creation in Alteryx design. One of them is by inserting a macro input interface tool that is used to get the output in macro output and the other one is as shown below. 

It Generally contains two input methods. One of them is for the file input and the other one is for the text input. And this tool of input may be defined with the help of an abbreviation and the tool may be named.

2.Then we need to Verify that we now have a macro by clicking on the canvas and navigating it to the Workflow pane. And we should be able to see that the Type of workflow is a Standard Macro.

3. Then require to design our workflow and then add a macro output at the end of our workflow.

4. Next we need to Save our workflow with .ymxc file extension, which we may customize the macro Icon by clicking (Ctrl+Alt+D) the interface Alteryx designer – Properties

5. Then it allows us to Open a new workflow and then click on right for inserting a macro, and we can use our macro to insert a multiplier value which comes out of the data that is used to calculate the monthly margin.

We may also save and share a macro for future use. That can be saved with the same name for a specific location. In Alteryx designer, we can design a macro repository mapped to a location on our computer or network,  simply save macros and use them in a workflow.

How alteryx macros helps business

Series of functions which act linearly on your data, you may see it as a module which can be kept separately from main libraries. Alteryx uses the macros within the workflow without having recreation of the analytic process every time. They are useful for our businesses by reusing workflow, single point of maintenance and split tasks.

  • Re using workflow: It creates a macro for saving the analytic process, which you can perform repeatedly, you can design workflow, run it and confirm that it is working and realise that you have to run it every week with a slight difference in input of your data, you may apply different calculations for processing data. You can create a different workflow for each analysis, just by inserting the reformation macro, which is followed by a different group of calculations.
  • Single point of maintenance: For sharing different types of data for the preparation part, we need single input, instead of having more steps for sharing processes. Envision an upgrade at the department from where you are receiving data, and all the workflow which we use will be updated immediately that modifies all our dependent workflow with a single change.
  • Split task: It expands the scenario to workflow with various groups of sections and tools, each person may work on the single piece of analysis and everything to be combined for final workflow. When several people are going to be developing the workflow, it can be useful to split it into tasks that each can develop independently.

Advantages of Macros

They decrease human errors and help us for processes which are required and involve a lot of steps to complete a single objective. Its ease of use allows those who are nontechnical business users to directly create their own solutions without using any other additional resources.

  • It shortens the time of beginning to analyze data, searching for insights and minimizing the task which does not give value to our business and minimizing the analysis phase. It speeds up the time of obtaining insights on data, it is one of the best, complete and great customer service which is more experienced by software companies.
  • It provides very strong solutions for the business, which are involved in the product, that helps to make the usage simple and help us find answers and provide a lot of good customization of capabilities. The design of the tool is simple to use without using code that we can appreciate


It can optimize the time spent by us manually to enter data intov excel sheets and can transform data into better levels for analysis. We have a lot of things to do with alteryx which also include predictive modeling to create visualization, creating analytical applications and extracting the reports. It reduces the work to a great extent of development, as we may build logic that you might have the chance to reuse it for multiple workflows. 



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