Custom Clearance Processes In India


Custom Clearance Processes in India

A custom clearance officer is an important person who is entrusted with the responsibility of clearing custom clearance procedure for export. This job involves a thorough knowledge of the local legislation, court systems, administrative processes, administrative procedures, government rules, and agency regulations, strong verbal and written skills are essential in this job both spoken and written, you will need to compile detailed documentation and sometimes you may need to submit specimens to the customs clearing house. You will find that custom clearance officers have considerable experience and it is not uncommon for them to have many years of experience in their profession. The custom clearance procedure for exporters involves checking the custom clearance conditions and imposing custom clearance charges on the goods that have been cleared for export.


Most custom clearance procedure for export involves air freight services in India as air freight services provider in India offers services from the major global airports. Airfreight services are preferred by most of the exporters due to the fast shipment of goods and better delivery of consignment at a lower cost. Most of the freight forwarders that operate in India provide premium freight services and act as customs brokers for custom clearance procedures for export. The custom clearance procedures for Indian freight services are generally very simple, as most of the customs brokering companies offer services at reasonable price rates.


For custom clearance services, most of the exporters prefer using Delhi as their main destination as it is considered to be the gateway to all parts of India. Delhi is one of the busiest and largest cities in the whole country. Delhi is the home for political parties, business sector, finance sectors, education sector, medical sector, and media sector. Therefore Delhi serves as the customs clearance point for most of the exporters across the country as it has one of the best freight forwarding stations in the whole country.


There are several forwarding agents that operate in India, but they are not all genuine and reliable because the majority of them do not have the required license or registration. These brokers try to attract more customers by offering cheap freight forwarding services. Moreover, most of these agents try to provide instant custom clearance services as they can get the delivery of the consignment done in the shortest period of time. However using the services of a genuine and reliable global freight forwarder, you can avoid falling into these kinds of traps and can enjoy assured custom clearance services.


The global custom clearance process is facilitated with proper infrastructure and support from concerned authorities. In India, too proper arrangements are made for proper coordination and smooth functioning. These arrangements are achieved by utilizing the services of air freight services available in India. Airfreight services can be utilized for different purposes like international cargo forwarding, air freight chartering, shipment of trucks and other shipping equipment and commodity through air freight services. Airfreight services can also be utilized to send the shipment of cars and other automobiles from India to worldwide destinations like UK, USA, China, Australia, etc. But if you want to send a consignment of bulk items or big bulk items then you should use the services of custom clearance agents.


The custom clearance in India starts when the shipment reaches the departure point of the destination. On the basis of arrival date and destination port of departure, the consignor is issued a clearance visa for the shipment. Once the shipment reaches the destination, the consignment is inspected by the customs and the custom clearance agent. If the custom clearance agents find any reason to delay the shipment further, they may issue an instruction to return the shipment to the shipper or may block the shipment. However, in most of the cases, customs clearance process is hardly affected by the arrival time of the shipment in the destination; hence all the delays are usually transitory.


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