Best Portable Chargers To Keep Your Devices Powered Up In 2021


Best Portable Chargers to Keep Your Devices Powered Up in 2021

Smartphones have now become an integral part of our daily lives. A lot of our work is dependent on our phones or the data contained in our phones. Therefore it is essential to keep the baby running all the time. We all have come across situations when our phone’s batteries run out at a crucial time. It has become common that despite the latest high capacity batteries in smartphones and other electronic devices, the inbuilt battery capacity is not commensurate with our level of activity on our mobile phones. Hence, we will have to complement our phones with an additional power backup. That is where the portable chargers come into play.

Portable chargers, also known as power banks, are external power sources that can charge up electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, or any other equipment that is USB- compatible. A few years ago, portable chargers weren’t even a thing in the market. But nowadays, you can find almost everyone carrying a portable charger with themselves. There are so many new smartphone launches every year, with so many additional features. However, unfortunately, the issue of strengthening the battery capacity to match the device usage has not been resolved. This situation gives portable chargers by themselves, a separate market. Large varieties of portable chargers are launched in the market, and we need to process a lot of information before choosing the right one for your electronic devices. Here, we are committed to unearthing the best portable chargers in recent times.

Before looking at the products, it is equally essential to learn about the various factors while picking a portable charger for yourself. The few things to be kept in mind are:

  • Whether the portable chargers can match the phone battery’s capacity. Your charger should be able to power 100 percent of your phone’s battery. So, it is essential to choose a charger that has a power capacity equal to or more than that of your phone’s battery.
  • Whether the portable charger can charge your electronic devices quickly, the speed at which it can charge the devices is equally important. Here, the output voltage of the charger is relevant.
  • Whether your charger port can be compatible with your smartphone or electronic device’s charge port, should be considered. The higher the compatibility, the versatile the usage of portable charger is going to be.
  • Whether your portable chargers can handle multiple electronic devices at the same time, is relevant. It helps you save a lot of money by investing in numerous chargers when you are using more than one electronic device.
  • Check whether your portable charger consists of the latest charging technology. With the advent of quick charging and power delivery devices, the portable charger must keep pace with the latest developments.
  • Whether your portable charger can prevent electronic devices from getting overcharged, is necessary. You should prefer to choose a portable charger fitted with an auto-cut feature that stops charging the device when it becomes fully charged.
  • Whether the charger is bulky and is comfortable to hold in your hands is essential, too. The portable charger has to be lightweight, compact in your hands, and your pockets. Having a travel-friendly charger meets the purpose of owning a portable charger in the first place.
  • Whether the brand that manufacturers the chargers are those you can trust is a vital factor. Spending that little extra money on a trustworthy brand is better than getting random brands just because they offer at a lower price.

After providing satisfactory answers to all the questions above, let us look at the top-performing products in 2021 and how they can check off the factors considered.

10000 mAh PD Power Bank With Smart Dual USB Port:

The highlighting feature of this portable charger is it’s massive 10000 mAh battery capacity. You can use this for over 1,000 charging cycles and is one of the safest chargers in the market. This charger also has protection against excessive heating and voltage control. The next user-friendly feature is the provision for charging two devices simultaneously. It has a USB- C port and a micro USB port, which provides higher compatibility. The cherry on the cake is that the USB- C has the power delivery feature. It means you can charge your phones up to four times quicker than the regular chargers. The power delivery feature also ensures that there is no damage to the device by amplifying the current and providing an output of up to 2.4 A. It is so compact enough to carry around in your pockets, making it travel friendly as well. It can operate in a temperature range from 10 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius. The product offers a 500 times life cycle, and the brand provides 12 months of warranty on this product.


10000 mAh Power Bank With Built-in Lightning cable:

The unique feature of this portable charger is the built-in lightning cable. The charging cable is by default attached to the charger, relieving you of the need to carry a USB cable with you all the time. The burden-free experience is very much welcome in the market and gives it a top spot in the must-have chargers of 2020. Apart from this, the portable charger comes with a 10000 mAh battery that delivers high performance. It enables charging your smartphones entirely in less than 4 hours. It has a sleek design and is compact to your pockets, this is comfortable to carry around. It comes with a dual-port for charging multiple devices at the same time and supports both Android and Apple devices. The product offers a more than 500 times life cycle, and the brand provides 12 months of warranty on this product. It can operate in a temperature range from 10 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius.


10000mAh Power Bank With Smart Dual USB port:

This portable charger is by so far the most compact portable charger with a massive battery capacity as high as 10000 mAh. Its sleek design makes it travel friendly. It comes with a smart dual USB port, which enables you to charge two devices at the same time. The additional advantage is that one of the input ports is Type- C, and the other is Micro- USB, offering more excellent compatibility for devices. The inbuilt smart technology takes care that the electronic devices are safe while being charged; there is no worry about devices getting overheated or short circuits. It supports a variety of electronic devices, ranging from smartphones, smartwatches to tablets, and bluetooth headphones. It is also compatible with both Android and Apple devices. The brand provides 12 months of warranty on this product. It can operate in a temperature range from 10 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius.


10000mAh Wireless Power Bank With Smart USB port:

You can recharge your phones entirely in less than 4 hours, with this portable charger. It provides rapid charging with an 18W power delivery, which is relatively faster for devices that are compatible with this portable charger. However, the inbuilt smart technology ensures that the device does not get damaged due to the high power input. It offers universal compatibility with various electronic devices and across multiple platforms like Android and Apple. The smart USB port offers dual charging, and a massive 10000 mAh battery compliment such substantial output requirements.  It can operate in a temperature range from 10 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius. The product offers a 500 times life cycle, and the brand provides 12 months of warranty on this product. The compact size of this portable charger makes it your favorite team companion. This portable charger has also got a sizable full-screen display, including the LCD power display.

5000 mAh Power Bank with built-in Lightning Cable and Suction Cups:

The unique feature of this portable charger is the suction cups designed on the exterior of the charger. It ensures that the charger is shockproof and remains sturdy. The dimensions of this charger are 97 × 64 × 13 mm, offering a great deal on being a lightweight, compact and travel-friendly charger. It can also work on temperature ranges varying from 10 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, there are no more worries about adapting this to various climates and locations. It comes with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, offering a quick charging duration of 2 and a half hours. The product offers a more than 500 times life cycle. The brand provides 12 months of warranty on this device.

5000 mAh Power Bank With Smart Dual USB Port:

This portable charger offers a smart dual charging technology, which helps you to charge two devices at the same time. With 3A Bi-Directional charging technology and a 5V output charge, you can quickly charge your device. It takes only 4 hours to charge your device completely. The charger has an inbuilt battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh with a USB Type- C power delivery cable. It means the charger offers output up to 2.4A, and you can charge your devices up to 4 times faster than the regular chargers. It can operate in a temperature range from 10 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius. The product offers a 500 times life cycle, and the brand provides 12 months of warranty on this product. There is an LED indicator in the charger, which enables you to access the battery levels and charge condition. You do not have to depend on the internal indicator to know whether your device is charging effectively. It also offers universal compatibility with various electronic devices such as smartphones, headphones, smartwatches, and tablets. The design provides an easy to hold and easy to care in your pockets, which gives it greater comfort.


The portable chargers function on lithium-ion technology. It is said to be a revolution in the industry and the future in the battery recharging world. The experiment of bringing these lithium-ion technology dates back to 40 years. The star feature is that these batteries need limited space to hold a massive capacity, making it ideal for containing in a lightweight, compact device, which is perfect for portable charging needs. There are still millions of dollars spent on research to improve these lithium-ion batteries to make them smaller, enable quicker charging, control output voltage, and improve the overall performance.


The portable chargers market grew multi-folds as our necessity and needs for innovation grew. Our daily lives are so busy that we hardly find time for routine tasks. We are always in a hurry, be it for an office meeting, or to a family get together, that we forget to recharge our electronic devices. We can not spend a day without the aid of our smartphones or tablets. We access our calendars, reminders, emails, phone contacts, and essential documents through these electronic devices, and we can not do away without them. Therefore, there is a need to find a solution with the help of technology. So, there arose a need to involve technological advancements to solve our fundamental issues.


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