What People Should Know About The Importance Of CPR


What people should know about the importance of CPR

We all are aware of the term ‘Cardiac pulmonary Resuscitation’ which is commonly abbreviated as CPR. It is basically an emergency process which is done in case of a cardiac pulmonary arrest. It involves, chest compressions along with artificial ventilation in order to preserve to continue the heart and brain functioning until the patient reaches a hospital or intensive care unit. It’s done mainly when blood circulation has to be made spontaneous in a person who has encountered a cardio pulmonary arrest. The CPR Laguna Beach CA institutes are coming forward and telling its people about the importance of CPR knowledge.

We have seen in movies and series that how a CPR is performed on a person who has lost his breath, but there are many details in it which we would learn when we take a ACLS Certification Laguna Beach CA. Every certification course which we pursue should be affiliated to the American Heart Association i.e., AHA and the PALS Laguna Beach CA courses which are being offered are also affiliated to the AHA. The AHA reviews and updates the guidelines of CPR and other related courses in every two years. This is the reason those who have already learnt CPR 2-3 years back or earlier should renew their certification and also update their knowledge with the latest guidelines published by the American Heart Association.

Here we will be discussing about the basics of CPR which everyone of us should know. There are five basic steps in which the CPR is performed. Cardiac pulmonary resuscitation is performed when the patient stops breathing due to cardiac pulmonary arrest. The following steps are done when someone encounters cardio pulmonary arrest.

·        Checking the victim’s receptiveness. First the patient is shaken and raised so that he responses to the conversation.

·        Checking the pulse of the patient and monitor his breathing.

·        Calling 911 so that the patient can be taken to nearest CPR Certification Laguna Beach CA hospital. It takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the nearest hospital.

·        By the time patient reaches hospital, chest compressions are administered.

·        Lastly checking the pulse and breathing.

The most important part of all the above steps is chest compressions, the chest compressions are performed carefully and are done accordingly:

·        Chest compression must be performed at suitable rate which is about 100 compressions/minute.

·        The chest compressions must be of suitable depth i.e., is 2inches /5 cm.

·        The chest should be allowed to recoil after each compression.

·        There should be minimal interruptions in between compressions.

·        Excessive ventilation should be avoided.


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Having CPR knowledge which can be practically applicable is a great accomplishment for the healthcare workers as well as for common man. Its knowledge is more important for common man because there are averagely 1000 out of hospital cases of cardiac pulmonary arrest each day in the US alone. If you have CPR knowledge and you encounter a case of cardiac pulmonary arrest, you will be eligible for helping the victim unless he reaches the hospital. If CPR is performed then the chances of survival increase to 10-12% but if nothing is done, the chances of survival are zero.

So knowledge of CPR is of utmost importance.


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