For Centuries, The Fabled Elemental Armor Has Vanished Off Of The Face Of Gleinor


For centuries, the fabled Elemental Armor has vanished off of the face of Gleinor

It's nothing like another one that time. I need you to OSRS gold bring my old master and also assist him perfect this. The Apprentice shows you some evil-looking armor. This looks like ordinary Black armor with some wicked nature about it. It is? Oh. Well, this is significantly better than Black Forest. It's Dark Armor. Don't copy me! My master's place is under Falador Castle. Here is a monitoring stone plus a special grinding apparatus.

For centuries, the fabled Elemental Armor has vanished off of the face of Gleinor.

The Apprentice hands you some Runite Spade along with a Tracking Stone. Don't lose any of these or I will have to fine you. And you can not teleport or engage in battle with thoe items in your inventory. You may if you set them into your financial institution. Great! Thanks! In order to discover the Master, visit Falador and go beneath the staircase and dig with your Runite Spade. If successful, you will find this message.

You dig through and find a secret passageway. You enter. The passageway is quite long and confusing. To make it easier, use the Tracking Stone and locate Notes scribbled on the wall. Once you find him, talk to him. Do not hurt me! I'm innocent! I am not here to harm you. I'm here regarding your apprentice. Ahh, I see. I'm assuming he wants the Dark armor to buy RuneScape Mobile gold be finished. Well, I can't get from this since the White Knights are up there.


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