Reasons Why You Should Invest In Digital Governance


Reasons why you should invest in Digital Governance



Digital governance is defined as service distribution within the government, between the government and the public using information and communication technologies. The Digital Government proposed for developing the Government's administration and delivery of digital services.

One factor concentrates on the demand for enhanced governance of digital services. Currently, various agencies require strong governance, and therefore it avoids struggling to develop unified priorities, ensure modern and reliable services. However, a well-developed governance structure at each agency is required to meet the public's expectation and right to the best possible level of service.

Traditional To Digital Method:

  1. Basic digital services ranging from filing tax and returns to renewing a driver’s license to applying for a pet license. But nowadays, any government form or service can offer digitally. In traditional, the government would deliver or provide information based on individual departments in various locations and usage of paper forms is enormous and difficult to maintain. However, with digital platforms and services, the government can deliver various information to the commons at any time and any point.

Reason for Investing:

By implementing digital concepts, developers meet provocations related to internal risk and user adoption, but the benefits overcome these risks. Organizations can transform from traditional to digital methods to see various advantages. They are,


  • Good online user experiences.
  • Helps to increase public participation.
  • Enhanced internal performance and productivity.
  • Reduced burden on IT
  • Better collaboration among departments.
  • Reduced human power and costs.
  • Increases in innovation.



By implementing IT Reform, the Government progressed in foundational execution areas such as adopting light technologies like cloud computing. While focusing on the next key priority area, the strategy progresses, requiring government-wide action to innovate with more limited to deliver but better in digital services. It specifically brings in the overall strategy to increase revenue on IT investments, reduce decay and duplication, and improve the effectiveness of IT solutions.


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