There are loads of legends going around about vaping with generally secret realities. What we know is vaping was an innovation made by Hon Lik, a Chinese drug specialist looking for a more secure strategy for breathing in nicotine. Today in excess of 35 million individuals use E-cigarettes around the world. E-cigarettes have gotten progressively well known throughout the long term. Since it's still new, there isn't a lot of data about its enduring impacts. Is vaping better than cigarettes? Is vaping safe? How about we investigate a portion of the legends and expose realities from fiction.

Vaping is a healthier alternative to cigarettes

Even though vaping doesn't contain tar and tobacco, the e-juice in your vape may contain nicotine synthetics that can cause malignant growth. It can prompt medical issues which incorporate wheezing, hacking, sinus diseases, nose drains, windedness, and asthma.

 It’s just harmless water vapor

 Myth- Vapor is not harmless, it’s not just water. Vapor may have toxins that could be cancerous. Harmful chemicals like diacetyl may be hiding in your vapor, it can lead to a deadly lung disease called popcorn lung.

 Vapes don’t contain nicotine

 Myth- A 2015 study found that 99 percent of e-cigarettes sold in the U.S contain nicotine which is the same addictive substance found in cigarettes. 

 Vaping is a safe way to quit smoking

 Fact- Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking combustible cigarettes. They have fewer toxins but offer satisfying nicotine in doses that you can regulate. 

 Vaping causes popcorn lungs

 Myth-  Popcorn lung is caused by breathing in certain harmful chemicals or substances. The main culprit of popcorn lung is diacetyl, a chemical that can be found in e-cigarettes but it’s only at high concentrations that it’s been linked to lung infection. Popcorn lung is mostly associated with unregulated black market e-cigarettes

 Vape E-liquid is harmful

 Myth- Even though vape e-liquids contain nicotine, research shows that nicotine has little effect on the person's health. e-liquids are less harmful than people think. e-juice doesn't contain harmful tar or carbon dioxide. e-juice is mainly a harmless concoction of vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG)

 Vaping was created for teens

 Myth Vaping was invented as a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Vaping was intended as an option for adults to transition from cigarettes to vaping. With the addition of fruity e-liquid flavors vaping was hijacked by teens enticed by the candy-like flavors and targeted advertisements to persuade them into vaping.

So what have we learned? There is no proven evidence that supports the idea that vaping is safe. There hasn’t been enough study on the matter to examine it’s long term effects. What we can conclude is it’s a healthier alternative than smoking traditional cigarettes, with far less toxic chemicals.


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