Why Is My HP Printer Not Printing? How Can It Be Fixed?


Why is my HP Printer not Printing? How Can It Be Fixed?

Till last night your printer works very well and also perfectly prints the document. But suddenly when you woke up in the morning and try to print out some important document from the same printer, unfortunately your, HP Printer Not Printing and you become very sad as well as helpless too. Eagerly want guidelines to get to know why such hurdles came and how to make them eradicated from the root. Let me inform you one important thing that, don’t wag-off! As it is a very common error that users generally face during printing. And the main causes for this is due to paper gets jammed, low ink cartridge or might be installed driver gets outdated. To get actual reason including them and troubleshoot the printer not printing problem, continuously read this blog till the toe and grab the instructions as well. If you are skilled and have great knowledge in technical field, within a pinch you can bring your HP printer in printing mode in a better way. But in case you have lack of technical knowledge, still don’t feel blue! As we have tech-savvy squad will surely guide you. Hence, first try to fix this issue by following the information noted here.

Fruitful Solutions for HP Printer Not Printing Issue Are

If you are struggling to find a good quick fix, you are at right place. Simply give a try once by following the provided solution. Maybe it will be helpful for you. So, lets’ have a glimpse on noted points:

Solution 1: Accomplish Basic Troubleshooting Task

First and forecast, you will have to do is to perform the basic troubleshooting tasks with the help of below given instructions. So, let’s do it:

  • First, you should check the status of connection between your HP printer and your computer and make sure that both the devices are properly connected with each other and also ensure that the network or cable you use to connect these devices is normal
  • Next, try to restart your HP printer by powering it off and unplug the power cable. Wait for a couple of seconds and then plug the cord back in and power ON the printer
  • You should also check the level of ink and make sure ink cartridge is properly installed

Solution 2: Update Your HP Printer Driver

To take the printouts from your HP printer, it is very important to update your printer driver whenever it gets outdated. As an outdated driver doesn’t let your printer to access properly and give perfect printouts, so make sure driver is up to date.

Select 3: Adjust Your Printer as Default

When you are trying to print something, your computer will automatically allot the printing tasks to default printer unless you choose another one that you are using. So, your HP printer won’t print anything if you neither set it as default printer nor select it as the printer to print.

Have a Word with Support Engineer for Quality Result?

If your, HP Printer Not Printing yet even after performing all the above troubleshooting methods one-by-one, then just be relaxed! A team of experts is always available at HP Printer Support to fix the problem.  So, without wasting a minute, place a call on helpline number and stay tune with them until your problem gets resolved the root.

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