Difference Between A Sales Process And An Inbound Sales Strategy


Difference Between a Sales Process and an Inbound Sales Strategy

Very often the words are heard: before starting to do anything, it is necessary to create a strategy. Therefore, there are requirements for drawing up a development strategy for the sales department. Let's start by understanding what strategy is and the difference between a sales process and an inbound sales strategy.

What is a sales strategy and why is it needed

The sales strategy expresses the manager's plans to achieve the desired result, which must be achieved within a specific time frame.

In order to implement this strategy in the future, then, firstly, it is necessary to draw up it together with the sales, logistics, marketing, and production departments. Secondly, fix all the problems that we have now. Thirdly, calculate everything in numbers as accurately as possible. Learn more about the challenges and numbers in developing a sales plan ...

The sales strategy allows you to adjust your activities based on the analysis of the current and planned market situation. For example, you have a chain of stores selling orthopedic goods. Everything seems to be flowing as usual, no ups and downs are observed ... But the thought arises: "If everything is fine, then maybe it is worth expanding further?" or "what if you create an online store with delivery?" or so "is it possible to reduce costs without worsening the situation and how?"

You can, of course, "jump into the hole" and see what happens, but if the price of risk is high, then a sales strategy coupled with tactics will help protect you from mistakes.

So, what the strategy includes:

determining which target audience to work with (age, gender, location, interests, income, marital status, etc.)
change in sales channels with the ensuing problems and budgets (the need may arise, for example, to find a new employee, the terms of delivery will change, it will be necessary to rent new vehicles and warehouses, the costs of producing advertising materials, etc., etc., will increase. As a result, the budget for all this may not be enough).
writing competitive advantages, USP, service standards, internal sales organization processes.
pricing strategy. Who knows, maybe you decided to dump the market or introduce premium goods into the assortment and you need to figure out what it will result in. It would be good to evaluate even a stock or sale if you already have statistical work.

What are inbound sales?

Inbound Sales is the process of focusing attention and action on each specific customer. The marketer focuses on the personal needs, goals, "pains" of a given potential client, building interaction based on the data received.

In this case, it is very important to accurately determine the needs of the buyer.

In inbound sales, you do not need to hunt for the client and convince him, the requests come from the outside. And the marketing department must work closely with the sales department so that the leads received are processed on time, leaving orders.


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