There's A Better Way To Find A Book Editor


There's a Better Way to Find a Book Editor

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If you're an author, especially a first-time one, planning to publish a book independently, there are a couple of things that are musts related to your planned book. You need a graphic artist to produce professional book cover designs, and you need an excellent editor. The ideal book editor is professional, affordable, and experienced in your genre. As you begin your search for expert editing support, start online and review editor websites. Take a look at their experience and work on other successful books that are similar to yours. You'll do best with a book editor who has a keen understanding of your topic.

When you contact an editor initially about your manuscript, don't be surprised if they suggest reviewing a few samples pages for a small initial fee. It's often referred to as an editing check and is used to assess your manuscript and recommend the editing service that would help the most. Hearing an initial assessment of your manuscript from a professional can be helpful in many ways – and you can have editing checks from several editors if you want to compare the suggestions. Also, while it's preferable to pay less, it's wisest to make your decision based on both the quality of the services and the price.

As you're finalizing an editing agreement for your book, it's an excellent opportunity to inquire about other needed services such as book cover design. Your goal needs to be independently publishing a book of an appropriate caliber to compete with new releases from major publishing houses. Readers (and critics) today care less and less about how books are published and more about their content. You need to have a professional cover layout and well-edited text to meet people's expectations. Your first book will live on for many years, and you don't want to feel embarrassed later.

Given the proliferation of controversial articles online these days, it's also likely you've read some opinions questioning the value of professional book editing. Some people have even suggested letting readers email when they notice the mistakes in a book. While there might be an outsized personality who can find temporary success with such an ad-hoc approach, it's not right for most authors. You'll be much better off with a professionally edited book with a well-designed cover and a coordinated marketing program to support its launch. Publishing independently gives authors more control.


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