Allium Cepa 30


Allium cepa 30

Data about SBL Allium Cepa Dilution 30 CH Allium cepa 30

SBL Allium Cepa Allium cepa 30 Dilution is an amazing homeopathy medication, known for its calming properties and helpful in indications in the nasal plot, stomach, ears, and urinary lot. It is demonstrated for intense corzya with weighty nasal release, with tingling in the nose, nasal check, naso-pharynx, cerebral pain, and aggravation of rest and hunger. This medication is additionally recomnedd for treating ear Allium cepa 30 infections and shooting sensations in the eustachian tube. This mother color is ready by utilizing strategies like maceration and permeation.

Key Ingredients: Allium cepa 30

Bulb of the onion Allium cepa 30

Key Benefits:

Gives powerful help from cold, catarrh and hack Allium cepa 30

Helps in treating eye diseases

Helpful in treating Allium cepa 30 roughage fever

Helpful in treating ear infections

Eases shooting sensations in the eustachian tube

Helps soothing neuralgic torments Allium cepa 30

Supportive in ongoing awful neuritis

Shown for consuming torment in nose, skin, throat, and bladder

Treats shortcoming in both bladder and urethra

Lessens expanded pee emission Allium cepa 30

Bearings For Use:

Measurement ought to be coordinated by a physician.Maintain 30 minutes hole between drink, food or some other medication.Avoid solid smell in the mouth prior to taking a portion.

Security Information:

Peruse the mark cautiously beofore use Allium cepa 30

Self-prescription isn’t encouraged

Try not to surpass the suggested portion Allium cepa 30

Keep out of the compass of youngsters

Store in a cool and dry spot Allium cepa 30


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