Carduus Marianus


Carduus marianus

Data about SBL Carduus Marianus Mother Tincture Q Carduus marianus

SBL Carduus Marianus Mother Tincture is a brilliant homeopathic cure which is fundamentally utilized for the treatment of problems identified with the liver. It remembers states of touchiness in the liver and torment Data about SBL Carduus Marianus Mother Tincture Q Carduus marianus around the district and treats warm gestures of the liver including Jaundice. It is additionally used to treat issues related with hepatic sicknesses like weakness and discharge. Carduus Marianus can likewise be utilized to treat wretchedness and as a source to expand bosom milk in ladies. Data about SBL Carduus Marianus Mother Tincture Q Carduus marianus

Key Ingredients: Data about SBL Carduus Marianus Mother Tincture Q Carduus marianus

Carduus Marianus

Key Benefits: Data about SBL Carduus Marianus Mother Tincture Q Carduus marianus

Essentially used to address problems of the liver caused because of liquor misuse

It is valuable in setting up a sound Carduus marianus progression of bile and splits up the development of gallstone

Brilliant solution for the treatment of mental issues like melancholy

Goes about as an energy sponsor and mitigates weakness and depletion Carduus marianus

It is likewise useful in mitigating migraine and remembers strain in the eyes

Its homeopathic piece makes it protected to utilize and it doesn’t trigger any incidental effects Carduus marianus

Headings For Use

Take 10 drops of color weakened in water threefold every day or as coordinated by the doctor.

Security Information: Carduus marianus

Peruse the mark cautiously before use

Try not to surpass the suggested portion

Keep out of the compass of kids Carduus marianus

Store in a cool dry spot away from direct daylight and warmth

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SBL, House 2 ,Commercial Complex, Shrestah Vihar,Delhi 10092,INDIA

Nation of beginning: India Carduus marianus

Terminates on or after: June, 2025

An authorized seller accomplice from your Carduus marianus closest area will convey SBL Carduus Marianus Mother Tincture Q. When the drug store acknowledges your request, the subtleties of the drug store will be imparted to you. Acknowledgment of your request depends on the legitimacy of your primary care physician’s ℞ and the accessibility of this medication. Carduus marianus


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