5 Strangest Engineering Inventions


5 Strangest Engineering Inventions

There is no doubt that technology has developed immensely. Also, there is no doubt that most engineering inventions are highly useful or at least have sense. However, what about inventions that not even have any sense but are strange indeed?

Well, we don’t insist that those inventions that are mentioned here are the craziest, the strangest indeed. Mostly we cannot insist on it because it is possible that many of the strangest inventions have never come to light.

Even though https://www.actuatorzone.com/ has all the possible actuator options to select for any invention, those engineers have selected a different way.

1. It was so cold in the 7th century that scientists were expecting a new Ice Age. Thus, the boat was invented that was supposed to sail on ice.

2. Tomatan, a robot that feeds you tomatoes. All you need is to attach the robot and walk in the tomato field. Don’t forget to open your mouth, the robot will be picking up tomatoes and putting them directly into your mouth.

3. The chain-smoking machine was probably invented by somebody who doesn’t like wasting time for smoking just one cigarette at a time. This is not the healthiest invention anyway.

4. The all-terrain car whose inventor truly believed that the more tires a vehicle has, the better it is. But the slopes up to 65 degrees were not a problem for it, so, maybe it has some sense.

5. The Link flip-shoes are not for everybody. They are for the bravest people. Do you believe that Crocks are too advanced? Well, try Link flip-shoes, they will for sure attract everybody`s invention. A rubbery sole that hugs your foot – what can be better?

Do these inventions seem strange to you, too? Well, to some point, they have sense, especially if you consider the time when they were invented.




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