Node JS is a technology that will work on a cross-platform runtime environment for the development of server-side and networking applications. These will have lots of JavaScript modules. They simplify the web development and provides better performance. Node JS Training in Chennai will teach you the advanced level in this.

What is the need for Node JS?

Node JS is been mainly used for single-page applications. As they will help you out with,

  • Better performance of the application.
  • All calls are made up of asynchronous.
  • It is a single thread process and can handle a large number of requests.
  • No need for buffering.
  • Platform independent.
  • Data streaming.
  • Node JS avoid waiting time.

Node JS certification

After learning Node JS course students are provided with certification saying that they have the ability to be as a developer in the Node JS environment.  The advantage of having a certificate in Node JS will help you to ensure the skills and knowledge to perform as a typical Node JS developer. 

Where Node JS can be applied?

Since Node JS has been used for single-page applications, it can also be used in Data streaming application, I/O bound applications also in API based applications. These all will give complete knowledge in the Node JS course.

Opportunities with Node JS

Node JS normally uses a single language for programming both server and client-side. This technology is mainly used for its speed and robustness in the application. If you are a professional Node JS developer then you can get placed in Uber, PayPal or in some other well-reputed concern. 

Node JS and other server-side languages

Comparing Node JS with other server-side languages if you want your data to be delivered quickly to the browser. Node JS is an excellent framework. The core feature of Node JS works on,

  • Sends a request to the server.
  • Can handle the next request.
  • When the server opens and reads the file it will provide the fetched content to the client.

Whereas other server-side languages will work in the form of,

  • Send a request to the server.
  • Wait for the client to read it.
  • Returns the fetched content and then
  • Ready to handle the next request.

Best place to take the course

To get well trained in the Node JS course with advanced methods FITA is one of the well-reputed concerns in the city providing Node JS certification for the students once they finish the course. Trainers are professional and can able to provide coaching for the students as per their requirements. Join FITA and become a typical Node JS developer.


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