What Are White Shark Projects And How Does It Defend The Environment


What are White Shark Projects and how does it defend the environment

The impact we have on our environment is increasing as the human population grows. It is more important than ever for us to be responsible. Since 2014, White Shark Projects has held a 21-day campaign to mark the start of Spring in South Africa, challenging ourselves and the community around us to think about the consequences of our actions. This blue effort is an annual public awareness program me that aims to educate the Cape Whale Coast's people on how to be more responsible, regardless of their age or economic situation. For the next 21 days,White Shark Projects​​​​​​​ will demonstrate how some of our seemingly innocuous daily activities have a harmful influence on the ocean. Our campaign engages the public through informative speeches in schools, radio interviews, social media drives, beach clean-ups, competitions, fundraisers, and pretty much any other creative concept we come up with.

But this isn't just a blame-and-shame campaign; we also educate them on how they can easily and successfully modify their methods, saving them money and saving our oceans in the process. The 21 Days for the Ocean also has a secondary goal: to rekindle residents of the Cape Whale Coast's love for the sea. People who live in this lovely neighborhood have grown accustomed to having the Atlantic as a background to their daily activities, and they tend to take it for granted.

Environmental education, according to Shark Alley​​​​​​​ Projects, is critical in supporting the conservation of our magnificent marine environments. We are fighting a never-ending war against single-use plastics that pollute the environment. We seek to influence people's plastic behaviors through public outreach, school lectures, conversations with clients aboard our shark cage diving boat, and beach clean-ups.

Every year, 8.8 million tones of plastic are poured into our oceans. For a year, that's the equivalent of one full garbage truck pouring trash into the sea every minute. We're attempting to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans by organizing regular beach clean-ups with school groups and White Shark Projects volunteers. Each bit of litter recovered saves an animal's life.

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