How To Unlock An Iphone Without Password |+1 805 209 2307|


How to Unlock an iphone Without Password |+1 805 209 2307|

Are you want an assistance who will support you to find out the solutions, then you need to know How to unlock an iPhone without password, So just go to below steps:-

  • When your iPhone has been locked it gives you 10 times to enter your correct password, But after 10 times if you are not able to enter correct password then your phone has been block.
  • So this is the major problem because when you are not typing the password then how will you open the phone, So The answer is you can just need to open your computer/laptop where you connect your iPhone last time.
  • After that you have to download Dr. phone app on your system
  • After downloading done you have to choose an option which is Unlock option on this just click on that.
  • Then using this app you can unlock your phone.

These are some steps so that you can resolve your issues if you feel anytime during the process you don’t handle this problem and you need assistance then you can call on  +1 805 209 2307 and get to know how to resolve this issues.


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